Instant Messaging & Video Conference Recording

  Dellman 15:37 26 Apr 2005

Is it possible to record video images/sound that is sent/viewed via an Instant Messaging video conferencing facility eg MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger? Is any special software or hardware required? And can they then be played back?


  Stuartli 15:53 26 Apr 2005
  Dellman 16:09 26 Apr 2005

The Polderbits is only a "sound" soultion, if I have read it right. The Soniclear costs between US$150 - 999!!!!! Not sure how much the Cisco option costs.

Anyone got anymore ideas/suggestions?

  Technotiger 16:21 26 Apr 2005

Hi, if you have a tv card in your pc, connected through a vcr/tv, it is possible to record direct to VHS.


  Dellman 10:18 27 Apr 2005


Anyone with anymore suggestions?

  Technotiger 11:59 27 Apr 2005

MSN Messenger does allow saving a history of conversations, from within Tools/Options.

  Dellman 12:55 27 Apr 2005

Thanx Technotiger. However, it is more the video/audio aspect that I'm trying to capture within IM/Yahoo Messenger.

  Stuartli 13:02 27 Apr 2005

You asked whether it was possible to record video/audio conversations/conferences - the links merely proved that it is possible.

  Dellman 13:22 28 Apr 2005

Thanx Stuartli. I was hoping there might be a cheaper option.

Anymore views from anyone?

  Dellman 13:25 03 May 2005

Anyone with any more suggestions?


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