Instant death syndrome

  Ray5776 23:37 06 Jan 2006

Hello all,
This is a bit of a strange one so I wellcome any suggestions. Using a TFT monitor on a P4 Win 2K pro.
Every now and then I will be doing whatever on my PC
and there is a click and the screen goes blank (Not blue screen) No messages just blank as if switched off. The LED on the monitor stays on, so there is power. If I try to reboot I don`t know whether it is booting or not as the monitor is still blank. This happens at random, maybe OK for 2days then occur 6times in one day. The only solution I can find is to turn off the monitor and the PC at the mains switch and then turn back on again then all is well until the next time which may be 30mins or 3days or whatever it feels like. Been happening for about a fortnight but seems to be getting more frequent. Any ideas?


  DieSse 23:41 06 Jan 2006

Sounds like a monitor or graphics card fault.

Check the graphics card is fully pushed into it's slot.

Check ALL the connections to the monitor - power and data cables.

Try the monitor on another system.

Try another monitor on your system.

After all that you might at least know where the problem lies.

I strongly suspect the monitor.

  Carbonara 23:50 06 Jan 2006

I had almost the same syndrome, it was cured by unplugging the Monitor from the power supply then re-connecting. Eventually, though, the Monitor died completely (also TFT).

  Ray5776 23:50 06 Jan 2006

Hi DieSse, that was quick, I suspect the monitor but I also want to check out the graphics card so I will try the link,

Thanks Ray

  Forum Editor 23:52 06 Jan 2006

Is it still inside a reasonable return period?

  Ray5776 23:54 06 Jan 2006

Hi again, as I responded before checking the link it has now gone, can you post it again please, sorry my fault.

  DieSse 00:08 07 Jan 2006

Wot link?

  Ray5776 00:13 07 Jan 2006

The link on your posting 23.41 that takes me to Amazon now that it highlighted again.

  Carbonara 00:15 07 Jan 2006

That aint a link! It is a paid advertisement

  Ray5776 00:17 07 Jan 2006

Monitor is about 18mnths old so presumably out of warranty, I dont know it was a present. So what can go wrong with it to cause this sort of thing?


  Ray5776 00:24 07 Jan 2006

Sorry DieSse, My mistake, only saw the underline.


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