InstallShield Hanging

  Jester2K II 20:17 30 Sep 2003

Is the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield created by install shield or it part of the OS (any)?

I understand that deleting this folder will have no detrimental effects on the PC and MAY solve an InstallShield hanging problem when installing HP Drivers.

Client wants a second opinion first!!!!!

  powerless 20:21 30 Sep 2003

I think IS is third party software so installed by itself.

click here

  Jester2K II 22:43 30 Sep 2003

Cheers. I suspected as much. Also going to check the PC over. Client is the over cautious type...

I'll leave open for now...

  Jester2K II 22:51 01 Oct 2003

Hmm Installer hangs at 18% when installing drivers for a HP 2197 All in One in XP Home.

Just removed over 700 spyware files and reg entries cortesy of Kazaa...

Letting it running a virus scan - Klez so far..

Something is blocking the Installer at 18%. Cleared all sorts. Temp files, InstallSheild data as above, got newest drivers to try tomorrow.

Any other ideas??

  Jester2K II 14:54 02 Oct 2003

Well got it installed by extracting the installation files from the CD and forcing windows to install the drivers through Device Manager.

Never solved the 18% problem though..

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