InstallShield and Administrator Rights

  Gaz W 17:14 29 May 2003

On my network I have set it up so that non-Administrators (except guests) get elevated privileges to install software that uses Windows Installer. However, when I try to install software using InstallShield, it won't install. Is there a snap-in I can get for Windows 2000 Server Active Directory Users and Computers (Group Policy) that will allow InstallShield to do the same as Windows Installer?

  jazzypop 17:21 29 May 2003
  jazzypop 17:24 29 May 2003
  Gaz W 18:37 29 May 2003

Is there no other way without using the Run As service?

I assumed the policy "Always install with elevated privileges" only applied to Windows Installer, but it seems that it is supposed to work for InstallShield. However, I can't install Serif PagePlus 5.5, which uses InstallShield.

  Gaz W 18:53 29 May 2003

Just read something else that says that Power Users and Administrators are the only users with write access/able to install things. I think that part of the problem here is that there never were Power Users on my Windows 2000 Server installation in Active Directory; only Guests, Users Administrators (that I use).

  Despicable Desperado 22:53 29 May 2003

You have to set up users twice in order to use/install some programs. Once as a local user on the local machine, and secondly as a local user on the domain. Therefore log in as administrator on the local machine and set up the user as you want them (take it this has already been done). Then connect to the domain and go into control panel, users etc and set up the user on local machine/domain with whatever rights you want them to have. Hope this makes sense!!

  Gaz W 17:35 04 Jun 2003

Sorry for not replying to this quicker.

There are local users but they are completely different to the users on the domain and still have the same problem.

How do I give the users the right to install using InstallShield?

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