Installing a yabb forum to my site.

  windowman 11:37 05 Feb 2004

I have a website i put together with Frontpage 2003 and have it hosted by one and one on their Microsoft business package. What i would like to know is how hard would it be to fit a yabb forum to my site? click here I know i could do one through frontpage but i prefer the layout of the yabb forum.

  tbh72 11:45 05 Feb 2004

Does you hosting package allow you to create SUB Domains for example ww w. my uk a sub domain of this would be forum. my uk

You may find that accessing your webspace using FTP will cause the frontpage server extensions to become corrupt & unusable.

  windowman 11:49 05 Feb 2004

Thanks for replying tbh72. Yes i can create sub domains on my site. Is this the way i need to go?

  windowman 14:21 08 Feb 2004

Does anyone know if this is possible with a windows server?

  jgosden 21:39 08 Feb 2004

don't know.. i managed it on a free netfirms account, it was really easy saw your link and decided to give it a try thanks so much i was lookin for something like this..

click here

  jgosden 21:40 08 Feb 2004

personally i would try it and see what happens, its really easy to set up..

  windowman 17:29 11 Feb 2004

I have just bought a unix business package from one and one and have been trying to set up a yabb forum all afternoon (Its supposed to take ten minutes). Does anyone know where i could pay someone to install this forum on my site because i think i could be at it for another month :0(


  Forum Editor 18:03 11 Feb 2004

you can do it. Yabb won't install this for you as far as I know - it's not a service they offer.

Most problems with forum installation relate to paths and permissions, and if you want to post details of what is going wrong we might be able to help.

  windowman 16:45 12 Feb 2004

After spending hours and hours persevering i have decided to try and find someone to install it for me. Where would i find someone that could install this for me for a fee?


  jgosden 18:20 12 Feb 2004

paste the error message you get in here and we will have a look to see if we know the prob

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