Installing XP Pro on SATA hard disk

  Gerryd 21:11 12 Apr 2005

I have a mixture of IDE and SATA drives on my computer. (ASUS A8V De luxe, AMD64 3500+, 2 x 120GB IDE drives + 200GB SATA drive). I want to instal XP Pro on the SATA drive and use the other 2 for backup & video/digital photo storage.
When I put the XP Pro disk in the drive, it only looks at the IDE drives, and does not even list the option of installing to the SATA drive. It must be possible, as I know some manufacturers are now only using SATA drives. Anyone know how to do it?

  User-312386 21:14 12 Apr 2005

Initialise the disc first with the SATA disc.

  Gerryd 21:25 12 Apr 2005

The drive has already been formatted NTFS using Partition Magic 8, set to the C drive in BIOS, but the XP setup program will only see IDE drives. I have just had a thought though, maybe if I temporarily unplug the IDE drives?? worth atry later perhaps, any thoughts??

  Amyfa 21:35 12 Apr 2005

My friend had to unplug the IDE drives first, but don't know if thats the only way to do it.

  paddyjack 21:44 12 Apr 2005

first you need the sata drives for your motherboard, you are going to need your motherboard disk. Copy the sata drives to a floppy. Reboot with the XP cd, keep your eye on the screen, as XP askes you about additional disks, at this point you hit F6, and follow the instructions.

You do not need to disconnect the IDE drives. My setup is simelay to yours, primary SATA, and 2 IDE's.

  Gerryd 21:49 12 Apr 2005

Thanks for your response, I will try your suggestion in a couple of days, when I have a full day to do the reinstall. Thanks


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