Installing XP over lan notebook no cd rom ftpd32 help

  nufclad147 12:17 21 Feb 2012

I have been doing some reading on how to install operating systems over lan due to the fact the note book i have acquired (saved from the bin) recovery partition is erased an boots up to 30 day expiry warning I really want to put my Xp on it fresh install it has no cd rom nor does it have the option to boot from usb device or i would have simply I say simply done a flash drive install, having prepped my usb pen ready only to find out the notebook does not support usb booting

the client and offending notebook Medion 2080 sold 06 lidil & Woolworth << dont laugh CPU 1500 mhz ddr2 512

iam using the following system as server to deliver the xp to the notebook

AMD 2800 1.8 mhz 1gig ddr 80 hdd ide Operating system XP pro service pack3

after many mugs of coffee an ip number crunching i moved onto installing tftpd32 version build4.00 onto my xp pc followed tutorial again and have managed to communicate with the dammed notebook i think i know where i was going wrong last night early efforts i had not added the pxelinux.0 text into tftd32 setup where it says boot file this is because the tutorial im working on left it blank.. I have managed to this point formatt the notebook hdd the 1 thing im unsure or at this point is that other utorials ask to make an iso of the xp disk placed it in a shared folder with the smartdrv file...yet the tutorial for tftpd32 4.00 im reading an working with says to copy the entire I386 folder into a folder directory shared with the smartdrv im little confused to which of the 2 options iso or copy I386 folder. However i have manged to format the notebook hdd because when i boot now i get message invalid disk im at the stage id normaly when installing xp type the command d:\setup d been the drive xp disc would be in but this is all new to me lan installing. so I have 2 folders on the serving pc that has tftpd32 running both folders shared 1 has the xp iso file along with the smartdrv.exe as asked by 1 tutorial the other folder has a copy and pasted I386 folder staright from xp disc with the smartdrv.exe file as asked by another tutorial i followed the plan is to try both as im unsure what is needed iso or copy pasted folder.

the turorial Select Bart Network Disk again

when i boot the notebook i have 2 options bart network disk boot normal

how i formatted the notebooks drive i hadhad selected boot normal an screen goes a blinking cursor to which i typed fdisk deleted partitions an created 1 The tutorial im working on asks me to to select bart network disk when i do this i faced with a new menu an 4 options

1 boot with emm386 (most compatible) 2boot with emm386 (max memeory) 3 boot without 386 4 clean boot

i press option 1 an follow the instructions Accept defaults up until “Identification Settings”, tab accross till you come to the lmhosts option, and pless the spacebar to enable it, then go to Ok.In the blank file that opens up type the ip of your server, followed by tab and its host name, in my case it looked like: i then get error 7321 network driver failed to load msnet abort this happens when i choose auto detect network adapter or promt an have a list of about 30 network card rivers to choose from . im abit lost now to why things wont go to plan

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