Installing XP over 98SE or clean install?

  Rob6 14:17 30 Aug 2005

From what I have read on this forum I'm sure that most of you will advise a clean install. But it is a pain.

Is the decision really clear cut or is it just a best practice that does not take into account real world pragmatism (like you should check your car tyre pressures before each journey.) Can I bang my new XP disc in and see what happens?

  Technotiger 14:23 30 Aug 2005

Hi, I think I may be correct in saying that if you just put in your xp disc, during the process it will automatically uninstall W98.
If I am wrong, no doubt someone else will come on and say so.


  Skills 14:44 30 Aug 2005

You can just upgrade 98 if you wish to, you then have the option of rolling back to 98 if you wish or you can remove those files to free up space.

Personally I take the opportunity and do clean install, that way you won't have any old glitches left or little niggles etc.

  961 15:11 30 Aug 2005

I would go for an install on top. You save your files and if necessary you can get back to 98 if it all goes wrong

Do let the xp installation system examine your system to see what new drivers etc you need so that you can download those BEFORE you start the install

Once everything is ok you can delete the 98 files and clean up the mess with reg seeker and crap cleaner

  961 15:12 30 Aug 2005

I would stay with FAT32 for the time being as well

  xania 16:32 30 Aug 2005

It is important to understand why the recommended approach is what it is, so that you can then decide which works best for you. The problem with windows is that it deteriorates over time and problems can arise. If your SE installation is beginning to show its age, then you would probably be better starting from scratch. There are ways to save your setting before doing this. In addition, many of your SE drivers wil not work in XP and it is les messy to start with fresh drivers rather update existing ones.

Having said this, if your existing system is running well and is not particulatly complex, you can try an install over the top and see how this works. After all, you can always erase this and start again later if you hit problems.

In any case, always back up your important data files and any settings to an external media before you start. You can always get your programmes back and your settings can always be recreated with a little effort, but once you delete your data, you've had it!!

Good luck.

  Adam87 16:40 30 Aug 2005

Why do you advise to stay with FAT32?

I heard someone else say that it does have advantages over NTFS but I cant remember why.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:54 30 Aug 2005

Fat32 advantage = can be read by old opsystems and DOS, disadvantage can only handle files upto 4G

NTFS advatage = saves space on HDD as is better organisation of files will handle any size file, disadvantage = cannot be read by old opsyatems i.e. win98 boot disk will be unable to retrieve files on NTFS organised HDD.

  Skills 17:20 30 Aug 2005

But you can download an ntfs boot disk from click here which will allow you to read ntfs partions

  johnem 17:29 30 Aug 2005

You may find that by installing XP as Fat32, that some of your older programmes will still work without having to go into "compatability mode". NTFS will probably mean that you will need all new versions of your software. Most important, do make sure that your modem has suitable upgrade software available and downloaded to external media. I learnt the hard way and ended up having to download the upgrade on a friends machine and then transfer across, not a good plan. You will probably find that XP will not recognise things like printers and scanners, you will just have to re-install the software and it will probably work. Unless your processor is fairly modern with a reasonable amount of RAM, your system will run fairly slowly. Good luck.

  freaky 18:00 30 Aug 2005

The choice of either NTFS or FAT32, depends on the size of the HD. I have always been given to understand that below a capacity of 90GB, then it is best to stay with FAT32.

As regards either updating Win98 to XP, or doing a clean install.

It would be a good idea initially to run the XP Compatibilty program and print out the results. You will then know which software/hardware would give problems.

The more information you have should enable you to make a decision.

The PC I am using for this reply was initially running 98, then updated to ME then XP. I had no problems at all with it. Once all as was OK, then I deleted the 98 and ME back-up files.

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