installing xp on a different pc

  christor 14:09 03 May 2004

Recently, my old pc packed in and I decided to buy a new one and I done so by buying it bit by bit. I'm waiting on a last piece of hardware for it to work, but my question i this: will I be able to use my old xp discs and serial number to install windows on my new pc?

  ensonricky 14:20 03 May 2004

What componants are you using from yout original PC are you using?

  christor 14:23 03 May 2004

None of any real importance - only the monitor, keyboard, mouse and casing.

  s3mt3x 14:24 03 May 2004

This depends. Do you know if the version of XP is OEM or retail? If it's OEM then you'll probably have problems activating it as the OEM licence applies to one PC. During the first time you registered the copy of XP, it would have uploaded details about your PC (Mobo make/serial number etc). When you next try to activate it, it will compare the new details with the old ones. If they don't match, then you'll run into problems. This is also true for the retail version but as far as I'm aware, you can call Microsoft and obtain a code to activate the copy after a significant upgrade with the retail version but this is not available with the OEM version.

  Sir Radfordin 14:27 03 May 2004

Providing you have a full install disc and not a recovery one that used a hiden partition on the old drive then you shouldn't have a problem. At worse you when you try and activate online you will be told to ring MS on a freephone number. All you need to do is explain that you are re-installing it and they will let you go through to the automated system that will read the activation code back to you.

  ensonricky 14:44 03 May 2004

The O/S should strickly die with the PC, what is being suggested is contrary to the M$oft license agreement and therefore illegal. At the end of the day it's up to you and your conscious.

  Sir Radfordin 14:50 03 May 2004

Think that is only true if it is an OEM version of the software, and even then the rules don't seem to be so simple.

If christor is getting rid of his old PC completely (which it looks like they are) then I see nothing wrong in what is being done here.

  ensonricky 14:55 03 May 2004

I have seen the same question posed to M$oft in the press and the view I have expressed is the one they hold.

  kspatto 14:59 03 May 2004

no help sorry just a comment
and they wonder why pirate copies proliferate

  Sir Radfordin 15:14 03 May 2004

A while back there was a very long thread on this topic and the FE was in discussions with MS. Unfortunatly I have not been able to find the copy I made or the original thread as it would have been before the 'cull' of old postings which has been made.

If the FE (or someone else who remembers this far back) see's this I am sure they will post the outcome of that.

At the time I seem to remember MS not really known what they meant anyway.

  ensonricky 15:27 03 May 2004

The issue has also been covered in an article the in PCA Magazine so root thro your back issues.

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