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  GeeKay+Dee 22:18 07 Aug 2006


I've just reformatted my hard drive on my desktop and have came across a problem when re-installing my windows XP. I've went to register the product and have been told that I've entered an incorrect product key.

I've used the disk that came with my laptop to install the program. Am I right in presuming that I can't use this disc for my desktop?

I had the computer sorted a few years ago, and the shop installed XP for me as the product key label was present on the side of the PC. I'm sure that i didn't have the disc then, and i don't have it now.

Will I have to buy another copy of Xp??!!

Any advice greatly welcomed.

ps reason for reformatting was I kept receiving pop ups and my homepage was hijacked. tried to fix it without resorting to formatting, but no avail. However, I'm now getting pop ups from "messenger service" stating that I should visit cetain sites by entering their address in the toolbar i.e. click here. Should I still be recieving these after wiping my hard drive?

  SG Atlantis® 22:23 07 Aug 2006

disable messenger... click here;order,1;page,1;c,All%20Downloads/description.html

  rodriguez 22:24 07 Aug 2006

Is it the Windows product key that won't register? If it is then just check all the letters are correct - sometimes if I do them quick I put B's instead of 8's and stuff like that. If the key is being typed correctly then make sure the version of Windows is the same as the version the product key was written for. Windows XP Home keys won't work with Professional or Media Center and if your Windows version includes a different service pack then they key may also not work.

  SG Atlantis® 22:24 07 Aug 2006

click here


Did the shop you buy it from not give you the orignal XP disc which they installed?
As it seems very strange not to have any discs with a pc incase you do need to re-install!
If you have a product number on the side of your pc for XP all you require is the Xp-re-install disc
I have re-installed on my desktop & laptop 2/3 times with xp and it can be fickle when installing, it should not make any difference which item you put it on

  rodriguez 22:34 07 Aug 2006

Also once you've removed Messenger, you should stick a load of security on your machine. I use AVG (click here), ZoneAlarm Free (click here), SpyBot (click here) and Spyware Blaster (click here). All of these are free and offer a good level of protection. Since using these tools I've had no spyware infections, 1 virus which was cleared by AVG and no hack attempts so you'll be pretty secure. For the popups I also use Google toolbar (click here) and this is also free. Some popups get through but nowhere near the amount you get if you don't have a popup blocker.

  GeeKay+Dee 23:09 07 Aug 2006

Think I better get stronger glasses! Was a typo. All is well now. Thanks everyone!

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