Installing a wireless adaptor

  PC dunce 10:19 11 Jan 2006

After a gap of several months I am trying to reinstall my BT broadband wireless adaptor on my PC. When I click to install the programme on the CD Installshield immediately removes it from the machine instead of installing it.

Is there some way I can repair Installshield, assuming that is the problem?

  Yoda2002 11:39 11 Jan 2006

umm you havn really explain the situtian well.

are you useing a usb adaptor or a pcmcia card.

how is you router set up

have you tried totally deleting and wiping the software and traces of the software from you pc the a freash install

  PC dunce 11:46 11 Jan 2006

Thanks Yoda

It's a USB adaptor.

The router is a BT Wireless Network 1250 which is connected to the first computer (an iMac) through the Ethernet cable.

I have tried deinstalling the adaptor software a Voyager 1010 several times but always the same thing happens

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