Installing WindowsXP Updates

  Hento 22:30 28 Nov 2003

I have a slow dial up Modem so avoid downloading large files if I can, this includes WinXP updates apart from the critical updates and virus patches. A friend with broadband access has downloaded all the updates that I require and burnt them to a CD (49Mb worth). Is there anyway I can install in one session (as if I had downloaded them altogether) instead of running the individual .exe files for each update.

  Giggle n' Bits 22:47 28 Nov 2003

I think you will find that they will not install if downloaded from other XP machine and its a violation of Microsoft T & C's

  leo49 22:53 28 Nov 2003


To answer the question; A while ago I found an MS knowledge paper[which I've just looked for again and of course can't find]which detailed how to do this - ie "slipstream" the updates. However,it was so complicated that my eyes glazed over and I gave up as beyond my willingness or need to struggle to understand.

  Chegs ® 23:31 28 Nov 2003
  leo49 23:36 28 Nov 2003

Thanks Chegs but it was an MS knowledge paper which detailed the commands necessary to enable downloaded individual Hotfixes etc to be bundled and installed all at once - as Hento asked - rather than creating an SPI slipstream CD.

  Chegs ® 23:38 28 Nov 2003

I have just been using the Catalog side of XP Updates to d/l them to a separate partition to be installed later.To install them all at once requires use of a "Batchfile" I tried to create a slipstreamed install of XP Home+SP-1+Updates from Catalog site,only I couldn't get my head round the DOS commands to set off install prog/wait till thats done/start next Update.I have previously created a "slipstreamed" XP Pro cd+SP-1,but that cd got damaged,and the instructions to create another are......?

  leo49 23:41 28 Nov 2003

I've done an SP1 Bootable CD following this:

click here

  Indigo 1 01:39 29 Nov 2003

I no longer bother with Automatic Windows updates after some very bad experiences. I use a program called BigFix to install only those which are relevant to my machine and configuration.
It only downloads and install necessary files from 3rd party sites (no bloatware). Download it for free at click here

  Hento 20:39 01 Dec 2003

Thanks all for the responses and pointers as to how to do this. Looks like no simple answer so I will try the BigFix option and post an update to advise how I get on.


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