Installing Windows98 from dos.

  turnip 60 01:08 15 Sep 2003

My daughter has installed a new hard drive and she wants to install windows 98 all she has on screen at the moment is the dos prompt C:how can she get dos to install windows from her CD rom drive?

  Rtus 01:14 15 Sep 2003

If the new hard drives the only one fitted ..You would be better off entering the bios and altering the boot sequence to boot from Cd this will then boot straight to the win98 setup screen, then just follow prompts ..If you dont want to follow that boot using the W98 boot floppy and type Cd Drive letter usually E:\setup this is assuming the drive has a partition ready on it for windows to be installed..

  JIM 01:18 15 Sep 2003

IF only win98,not win98se, your daughter may have to make sure all drivers are at hand as win98 was limited with supplied drivers.

Re-installing Windows98 by booting up with the Win98 Startup Disk as it stands. When it pauses, choose option 1 (CD-ROM Support). At the A:\> prompt change to drive C:

c: [Enter] Insert the Win98 CD and type

F:\Setup [Enter] (assuming your CD-drive is F:).

Win98 will re-install itself, and preserve the settings for programs, while reloading all Windows drivers and re-detecting all hardware. The Key Code is required for this re-install

  MAJ 01:21 15 Sep 2003

Here's the instructions I used first time I did it a few years ago, turnip 60. click here scroll down and start at the "How To Partition, Format and Install" section. It's best to read through it once or twice before starting. If there's anything you don't understand, post back and someone will be able to help.

  turnip 60 01:30 15 Sep 2003

rtus, how do i get into the bios in order to get it to boot from the cd ?

  MAJ 01:38 15 Sep 2003

I'm not entirely sure that the Win98 CD is bootable, if it isn't it wont work that way. If it's a new drive, it's unlikey that it will be partitioned and formatted, which it needs to be before installing your operating system.

  Tog 07:58 15 Sep 2003

The 98SE CD is definitely bootable, don't know about plain old 98.
Look for the words "Second Edition" on the CD. BIOS is often entered by tapping the delete key at startup.

If you want to install from DOS or format the drive, go to click here and download the OEM version you want, create a floppy and boot from that.

  Quiller. 09:21 15 Sep 2003

To enter the bios, keep pressing the delete button when you start the computer.

It usually says this on the first screen. i.e. press the delete key to enter setup.

When you are in the bios, you will see a screen with different headings. The one you want is labelled advanced cmos settings, it is usually the second one down. In there look for first boot, change this to cdrom. You change the settings by using the PgUp and PgDn buttons.

When you have done this press the esc. key. You will now be back to the main menu. Now pick save settings and exit, with a y. The machine will reboot.

With the windows cd in the drive, let it bootup.

You will be given an 3 options. Pick the option to start with cdrom support.

This will now take you to the flashing a:
Now you have to format the drive. So after the a:\ type format c: so it looks like this.

a:\ format c:

Notice there is a space between the format and the c.

It will ask if you are sure, type y and enter. It will now prepare the disk.

At the end it will ask if you want a volume label, for the time being just press enter for none.

Press the ctrl, alt and delete button to restart.

Do as before and pick start with cdrom support. Let it load to the a:\ again and type sys c:

So it looks a:\ sys c:

It will then say system transfered and return to a:
Now you have to load windows. If all there is on the computer are a hard drive and a cdrom the next drive letter you want is f.

so at a:\ put a f after it and press enter so;

a:\ f: and enter.

now you will have a flashing f:
so type

f:\ win98\setup and enter.

It should now load 98.

  turnip 60 23:40 15 Sep 2003

Many thanks for your input , i followed your advice on the daughters machine and got as far as F:\win98\setup then i press enter and i get the following:
CDR101: Not ready reaing drive F
Can you tell me where we are going wrong please.
Many thanks

  Quiller. 10:02 16 Sep 2003

Ah what seems to be happening is that the cdrom drive is not recognised as F:\.

Start the machine again with the floppy in. Again pick start with cdrom support. Now look at the text on the screen very carefully and see which drive letter has been asigned to the cdrom.

It will tell you. If the page loads fast you can freeze the page by pressing the pause/break key. To restart the page press enter.

Whatever drive letter is assigned to the cdrom, then put that letter first. It may be E or G.In which case you would have

E:\ win98\setup


G:\ win98\setup

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