Installing Windows95

  immer 16:35 25 Jan 2012

Because I am recovering old floppys information I need to install windows95. I have an old formated OK hard drive. I have got to when with the CD to position E with the virtual D in position, but when I type "E:\SETUP" or "E:\WIN95:\SETUP" etc it keeps telling me I have a bad command line. I tried another CD driver with the same results. I last used this W95 installer disc about 4/4 years ago ok but I've forgotten the DOS etc. Any ideas please....

  rawprawn 17:29 25 Jan 2012

I am not sure, but I think you can only install it on C drive

  rawprawn 17:38 25 Jan 2012

Please do not double post it is confusing.

  sharpamat 19:39 25 Jan 2012

If I rember correctley Rawprawn is correct it can only be installed on C after formating By Fdisc

  sharpamat 08:24 26 Jan 2012

If all you need this for is recovering old floppys information. have you looked at the price of an exteral drive for floppys at less than £20 it must be an option that could then be used as a small storage space

  immer 08:38 26 Jan 2012

E is the command line to get at the CD and is only a temp location as the system boots. The problem is that I can inspect the files in E with "D:\DIR" but I can not get it to go.

  Terry Brown 09:59 26 Jan 2012

You may have a fault with the CD, try this link to download a fresh copy.


  chub_tor 10:31 26 Jan 2012

Some further tips Here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:22 26 Jan 2012

Windows 95/8/ ME was installed using DOS, old PCs needed DOS drivers to get the CD drive working

DOS loads tools to a ram drive which moves the drive letters one forward

i.e. if your CD drive was D it will become E during the install period.

If you are trying to install from CD on a modern PC make sure the machines BIOS is set to boot from CD as first boot device. The CD should boot straight into the setup routine for windows 95.

Be careful because 95 will only install to C: it cannot see sata drives so you will have to remove any other drives and fit your old hard drive (IDE) and set as master.

  immer 17:02 26 Jan 2012

As the system requires, "E" is the correct drive to the CD. With the command "D:\DIR:\WIN95/P" I can see that the file EXTRACT EXE is in there,so its not a CD drive problem, though nothing called "SETUP". I have tried "D:\WIN95:\EXE"," and -WIN95.EXE" and various other combinations but just cannot get it to go! I must be doing something silly wrong but blowed if I can get there .... any more prods for tis old duffer most welcome ....

  Diemmess 17:28 26 Jan 2012

Is it not possible to connect directly to your mobo from a floppy drive mounted conventionally?

I use SATA for HD, but my DVDs use IDE ribbons and I added the floppy drive when I bought this computer. [running XP.]

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