Installing Windows XP Pro twice makes it 'illegal?

  maidenlewes 18:35 28 Jan 2007

I have two PCs, 1) my old one with a legal version of XP Pro and 2) a new one with Media Centre (also legal, came with the PC - Dell).

My question is, if I install the shop bought legal version of XP Pro which was on my old PC will one be considered 'illegal' by Microsoft? Both PCs will still be in use and connected to the Internet.

Once again, thank you in advance!

  TomG 18:45 28 Jan 2007

As far as I'm aware the licence only allows installation on 1 machine at a time - to use on a 2nd machine requires a second licence.

  maidenlewes 18:47 28 Jan 2007

That's what I thought - but I am not buying a third copy of XP just because I don't like Media Centre :P

  GaT7 19:33 28 Jan 2007

There may be some way in which you can change this, superficially at least (similar to this 'XP to Vista w/o upgrading' click here).

A few MCE forums where you could post at to get possible tips to do this: click here, click here, click here & click here.

Remember, that your MCE may be eligible for a free upgrade to Vista Home Premium click here (US site link). If you fancy this Vista upgrade, contact Dell UK to see if this is possible. All the best, G

  ventanas 21:12 28 Jan 2007

Lets consider this - maidenlewes has said that the "shop bought" copy of XP "was on my old PC," not is on it. So one problem out of the way.

But if this version of XP was supplied OEM with the old machine, then it doesn't matter whether it's on it or not - you cannot use it on another machine. If it's a retail version, and it's no longer on the old machine, then you have no problem. Go ahead and install it on the on the media centre machine.

  maidenlewes 22:39 28 Jan 2007

Damn - lots like I am stuck with Media Centre...*unless I can get Dell to upgrade me to Vista that is!

Thank you for your help!

  Woolwell 22:47 28 Jan 2007

I am puzzled by this. What do you not like about MCE? I have Media Center 2005 on my PC and unless I click on the Media Center shortcut then it runs as if it were an XP Pro machine. After all the Media Center bits are only add ons to XP.

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