Installing Windows XP home using upgrade CD

  Devious Dave 11:41 21 Jan 2004

Is it possible to install windows XP home (upgrade version) onto a formatted hard disk? I was thinking of installing over the top of windows 98 but have lost the CD so can't install that first, but I still have the product key for 98. It still possible to install XP without the 98 CD? Thanks, David.

  Chegs ® 11:50 21 Jan 2004

I have used my "upgrade" cd of XP Home to format and install onto the hdd's many times.I still haven't worked out the difference between a "full" install cd and the "upgrade" yet.So,to simplify this answer,yes you can.

  Devious Dave 11:55 21 Jan 2004

Thanks for the quick reply. So you don't even have to enter in the product key of a pervious version of windows?

If your right then really the upgarde version is better than the full version because with the full version you can't install over the top of a previous version of windows.

Cheers, David.

  deadneat 12:31 21 Jan 2004

I have upgraded from 95 to 98se to ME in the past. If its an upgrade disk usually you have to insert old OS disk at somepoint to check if you are qualified for upgrade software. If you are genuine about losing 98 see if you can borrow a friends to do the upgrade.

  stlucia 12:35 21 Jan 2004

You need to have the previous version installed, or its CD to hand, if you're using an upgrade. So, if you haven't already formatted your HDD, you're okay because the old Windows is still there. You can then get the XP installation program to format the HDD during the installation.

If you have formatted the HDD already, you'll have to follow deadneat's advice.

  ventanas 12:41 21 Jan 2004

You will need the original '98 cd click here for the full details. If you do not have the cd any longer and '98 is not installed on your pc you will have to buy the full version of XP.

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