Installing Windows XP - ERROR

  websurfowen 23:17 31 Mar 2006

I have tried to reinstall windows xp onto my computer but each time it saying 'pid invalid'

Does anyone know why or how i can fix this problem. Its running on a windows 98 computer

  phono 23:25 31 Mar 2006

PID means Product ID, it is basically telling you that the key you are trying to use is not valid. You are either using the wrong key or a pirated one.

  websurfowen 23:27 31 Mar 2006

I am using the same one as i have used on the computer before. Would i be doing something wrong or would microsoft know that it has been used before as i am not connected to the internet

  terryf 23:28 31 Mar 2006

Googled and found click here and click here

  terryf 23:30 31 Mar 2006

Are you allowing the xp installation to re-format your C drive so that there are no traces of Win 98?

  bluto1 23:36 31 Mar 2006

" running on a Windows 98 computer" indicates to me that you`re trying to install, not reinstall, and if you do not have the correct key you may as well stay legal.

  phono 23:38 31 Mar 2006

It is possible he is dual-booting.

  websurfowen 23:39 31 Mar 2006

I have already had it installed but download a virus. It wont clear up using a mc afee virus scan as it says it copyright protected. Have wiped the hard drive but wont accept the product key. Unless i have made a mistake while writing it down on paper. Is there any way to recover this??

  bluto1 23:40 31 Mar 2006

websurfowen, sorry, I did`nt know it had already been installed on your PC

  websurfowen 23:43 31 Mar 2006

I have tryed to use the product key from this computer on the computer i am trying to install and its still saying 'PID Invalid' Could there be something wrong, would the virus have done something

  phono 23:54 31 Mar 2006

Are you trying to install XP on more that one computer? If so you will not be able to, unless it is a version that is licensed to do so, such as a Volume License Key version.

Having said that, you should only run into problems when you try to activate windows, not when trying to install it.

If you are having a problem with a full install then the key you are entering is the wrong key.

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