Installing Windows XP

  kingkenny 11:47 04 Jan 2003
  kingkenny 11:47 04 Jan 2003

Is is possible to, in the event of system problems to enter the recovery console through my CD rom drive and ask the system to install windows XP over the existing XP installation. basically overwriting the existing OS. Will this work and correct a system problem or will it just add to the problem?

Me thinks it won't work, but what are you thoughts? Can this be done?

  rmn 11:56 04 Jan 2003

yes because it will overwrite the files.boot from xp cd click install and tell it to install on existing worked for me.if you want to be certain you can format the partition from the xp disk as well.darren

  bremner 11:58 04 Jan 2003

Yes you can do this. When booting from the CD you get the option to Repair or Re Install XP. I have done both with no discernable problem.

Before doing so I would try to rectify the problem by other means first. ie have you run SFC to repair any system files etc.

Is your question hypothetical or do you have a current problem? If you have a problem post the symptoms and someone may be able to help.

  AndySD 12:00 04 Jan 2003

All you need to do is a Repair Instalation. Its built into XP click here

  AndySD 12:01 04 Jan 2003

D'oh too slow again

  kingkenny 12:46 04 Jan 2003

Yes, I 'am having a display problem. I seem to have disabled the vga.sys or vgasave device adaptor in windows XP, big D'OH! I was having graphics card problems and stupidly disabled this part in Display/Settings/Advanced.

I am now left with a black screen on my monitor. I can't do the link thing on these pages but if you search under 'Display' it comes up in the helproom. ps how do you do that link thing?

do you 'save target as'?

Thanks for responding!

  kingkenny 12:54 04 Jan 2003

Bremner, what do you think?

any suggestions. I want to bounce my Graphics card of the saleperson's head, would that help?


  worf 12:54 04 Jan 2003

Go to the link. Copy the address in the address bar of IE. Now go back to the posting you wish to put it into and paste the address in your posting. When you click Post Response it will then add "click here"

  kingkenny 12:58 04 Jan 2003

Cheers Worf

Learn a new thing everday! Shoe laces tomorrow!

  worf 12:59 04 Jan 2003

Wait til you get to trying to put a jumper on m8, its a nightmare!

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