Installing windows on a new PC?

  BEepeear 10:47 25 Nov 2016

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a custom build pc which met all my demands but it doesn't come with any OS installed.

I had the idea that you could just complete install it pretty straight forwardly, however after looking it up I realised it's kind of hard to understand what to do!

I have read a few people saying buy a product code and then install it via USB but you have to install something from windows first?

Or buy the CD and install it that way (at a higher cost)

What would you guys recommend and what is the process of installing Windows 10 onto a computer with no OS?

Thank you! And apologies for being a tech noob

  Jollyjohn 12:45 25 Nov 2016

My first call would be to the company that supplied the PC, can they supply W10 on a dvd or usb stick, with licence key, at a reasonable price..

Alternatively go click here - If you go here you will need to download the iso file and burn it to a dvd - this will then give you a bootable dvd which you pop into the PC and boot. Installation is then a case of following the on screen prompts, enter the provided licence key when prompted to do so.

The link is to an OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer version, as usually supplied only with a new PC. Technically the licence is for that PC only.

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