Installing Windows on new HDD

  Rikku 07:53 01 Oct 2003

Hi, when i try to install windows on my new HDD i get an error message that is something like

Could not begin installation drive has no (MBR_ID)

its something like that ive tried about 20 times and i get the same msg do i need to format the drive again? i have a HDD with windows allready on it but i have to give that to someone else in this next week could you please help me??

-Thanks in advance Ashley

  Jester2K II 07:58 01 Oct 2003

Have you FDISKed and FORMATed the drive?

  Rikku 10:16 01 Oct 2003

yes i have it was formatted in dos would it work any better if i used wiondows to format it?

  Mallorca 12:38 01 Oct 2003

At the risk of "teaching my granny to suck eggs"...did you FDISK it specifying a primary partition ??

  Rikku 14:24 01 Oct 2003

cant remeber probs i didnt no what the hell it was on about so ya i i think i did do primary i was like hmm thats the partion i need to thats the partition i will format i guess i did so i cant install xp :\ and i would want that because? i want windows ME on it

  graham√ 14:45 01 Oct 2003

MBR = Master Boot Record. Download a boot disk from click here

Download to the desktop, unzip to floppy.

Boot up with the floppy in the drive.

  Rikku 16:09 01 Oct 2003

which file do i need?

  graham√ 16:35 01 Oct 2003

The file for the version of Windows you are installing.

  Rikku 18:00 01 Oct 2003

is it just yto run things like scan disk and format??

if so i used one before to format it

  graham√ 18:59 01 Oct 2003

The boot disk is to tell the computer to instal Windows. Put it in the drive and turn on the PC.

  Rikku 20:43 01 Oct 2003

hmmm any way to install an image onto new HDD?

i have an image on a floppy diskette but i also get an error on that

i copied the msg down this time:

"Invalid Partition (active,Empty or MBR-ID)"

if i installed windows xp from CD would i be able to use a drive image of windows ME? and restore that??

i have a windows Xp CD but i dont really like xp half my Hardware aint compatible so i aint too keen i aint been a fan of xp and ive seen it run on meh muthas compo looks complete *kazoodles*

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