Installing Windows ME on new computer.

  HCFchessfiend 20:48 20 Oct 2010

Basicly I've bought a new computer and I wanted to install Windows ME on it. When installing it a promt came up and said something about ME being a 16-bit OS and therefore unable to install on my new computer.

I know it's old software but it's what I started with on my first computer and I've always liked it. Is there a 32-bit/64-bit (I don't know if x86 has anything to do with it) version I can install?

Thanks in advacne.

  dunc1234 21:02 20 Oct 2010

x86 means 32 bit,(stupid i know) but me until vista came along millenium is the worst operating system ever. but if you insist on putting it on its doubtful that you will get drivers to get the pc to run properly, get over your nostalgia and stick xp on it or win 7 and save yourself big headaches. if your really unlucky you may not get xp drivers for your new pc.

  HCFchessfiend 21:26 20 Oct 2010

Yeah I stuck Windows 7 on it and everything's fine, I just thought it might be nice to have ME partitioned somewhere..

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