Installing Windows 98 through DOS

  Steinman 16:59 15 Nov 2003

Have Back up disc W98. Can't use Safe or Normal Windows because of damage to Windows cos of Bad segments on hard drive. Tried fixing but no joy, so decided to re-install Windows.
PC used mainly by neighbours kids for games & printing pics, so no real loss of data if reinstalling Windows.
Cheers folks.

  Legolas 17:09 15 Nov 2003

I,m not sure if you can boot from the cd with 98 but it is worth a try. Go into your BIOS and make the cd-rom drive the first boot up drive and see if the system will boot up from the 98 disk, if so just follow the instructions to reinstall 98.

  powerless 17:13 15 Nov 2003

You can boot from the 98 disk.

Just choose "Boot from CD-Rom" and not "Boot from Hard disk".

But the bad "segments" are a concern.

Do you have a Windows 98 boot floppy if so boot from this and at the prmpt type:

scandisk /all /surface

Click ok.

If it is very serious use a manufacturers HDD software to perform a more in depth scan.

  ©®@$? 17:14 15 Nov 2003

you can boot off the 98 cd

  Diemmess 17:20 15 Nov 2003

If you're not unduly worried by the "Bad Sectors", Legolas' method should work if you Format first!
Since windows will not format itself out of existance, you might as well use a setup floppy.

If you haven't one of those already, there are plenty of links to download from this Forum, or failing even that, email me and I will send you the files you need to copy to a floppy.

A tip that I would recommend is that having formatted the weary disk and booted again from the floppy, you shuld make a folder on your HD and copy all the W98 files from your CD to that new folder.
.........Then change to that folder and after simply typing Setup and Enter, watch the screens roll by - as Windows installs without further need of the CD.

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