Installing Windows 98

  Quilljar 16:11 05 Apr 2005

Don't laugh, but I have a completely clean re-formatted HD in an old conputer, and am trying to install a legal Win98 CD onto it, from an earlier PC I once owned but have upgraded.

It appears to install well after beinning setup. It then gets to the part after about ten minutes where it switches the computer off to go to the next stage in installation.
However, I have tried now three times and it will not get past that stage. No matter what I select it will not continue the install.
Has anyone any hints or can point me to a step by step set of instructions for this?

  pj123 16:20 05 Apr 2005

Do you mean windows 98 or Windows 98SE?

  Quilljar 16:24 05 Apr 2005

Win 98 NOT SE.
It is the only CD I have which has any chance of getting a legal OS onto this thing. As it will only be used by my grandson for a Flight Sim, I think it should be OK.

  Belatucadrus 16:26 05 Apr 2005

There's probably a card in there somewhere that doesn't like W98. Try pulling all extra cards, sound NIC, USB etc installing windows and then adding them back in one at a time.

Of course if that doesn't work it's something else.

  pj123 16:39 05 Apr 2005

I think you are on a hiding to nothing. Give us the spec of the computer you are trying to install on.

  Quilljar 16:55 05 Apr 2005

The specs are not written down anywhere but my memory is that the chip is at least 2Ghz and 512 RAM. It was quite a good machine, but the owner removed the HD before giving it to me. I have put in a clean HD and now want it to work with any system I can manage for free. It was running ME but I cannot get it to respond to that CD. However, I have had a promising response as I described above, with my own 98 CD. I will try removing the Soundblaster card but will have to stop for a while now as my head hurts...
Maybe it needs to reformat to FAT32? I formatted the HD using WinXP, perhaps it does not like that?

  billyliv 17:01 05 Apr 2005

Hi, If you have a Win 98 start up disk (Floppy).Start your installation from that. You may have to go into your set up menu to set your computer to boot from floppy. You will be given the option to Fdisk. With your 98 CD in the drive select the first option. I do tend to think that your 98 CD is damaged or has finger marks on it, probably a deep scratch that is preventing the installation from continuing after a certain point. Disks on E.Bay are dead cheap now. Cheers, Bill

  spargo 17:26 05 Apr 2005


I do'nt think W98 will run on an NTFS file system, so reformat drive FAT32.

  pj123 17:32 05 Apr 2005

You may like to download a "bootdisk" from:

click here

and use it to Fdisk, Partition and Format the hard disk.

I would suggest you download the bootdisk for Win 98SE regardless of the O/S you want to install.

  Quilljar 18:22 05 Apr 2005

I have a win 95 bootdisk which seems to work Ok so far. I will look at the 98 CD for scratches etc. Thaanks for all the ideas. I have also been searching for earlier threads and Googling too so I feel confident that I will manage somehow, but it will have to be tomorrow!

This is a great Forum - It puts Rome to shaame!

  Rayuk 18:45 05 Apr 2005

click here
This way you copy the Windows files to your hard disk and whenever the occassion arises that you need to put the Win cdrom in[well it doesnt as it does it from the files already on your hard drive]

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