installing windows 98

  hugh-265156 17:27 09 Aug 2003

hi all.a friend of a friend has asked me to take a look at a computer he has pulled down from the loft.(belonged to his late wife)he has no experience of computers but wants to have a play about with it and see it he can get to grips with it.he managed to set it all up and it boots to the login screen but he doesnt know the password.

he has told me he has a windows 98 CD that came with the computer and a few other discs.he is not sure of the pc specs and it will be monday before i get a look at at myself.

im thinking a complete reinstall of windows would be in order.i myself use xp home and have formatted and reinstalled this OS a few times easy 98 does not seem that straightforward though or is it?( i have just read microsofts help on this)

can anybody advise me on this please.i have downloaded all the windows 98 updates and when i find out the pc specs will get the drivers for mobo etc.anything else i will need or to watch out for?

many thanks.

  Valvegrid 17:32 09 Aug 2003

If he has the Windows CD it's going to be a cinch. You just want a boot disk to put in first to reformat and fdisk, you can get one from here:

click here

I don't think you'll have anyother problems because it's already had Win98 on it previously.

Have fun


  Valvegrid 17:37 09 Aug 2003

By the way, there is a very good description of doing a clean reinstall of 98 on that site as well.


  Smiler 17:40 09 Aug 2003

Try this click here;en-us;156826

  hugh-265156 17:42 09 Aug 2003

thank you Valvegrid, i will check it out.the boot disc was the bit i was unsure about.does 98 not just boot from cdrom?

  Smiler 17:43 09 Aug 2003

If the computer boots to the login screen I assume that is the windows login screen your friend only has to click the x to enter windows. If you follow the link above it will tell you hoew to remove the screen altogether.

  Valvegrid 17:49 09 Aug 2003

If you are doing a clean reinstall you need to boot from the floppy, don't forget to change the disk boot order in the BIOS so that the A drive is the first one seen, when it boots the computer creates a virtual drive were it loads dos with all it's tools.


  hugh-265156 17:50 09 Aug 2003

thanks Smiler,i will have a read also.

im thinking reinstall would be best though as it belonged to his wife.

  Djohn 17:57 09 Aug 2003

As Valvegrid says, 98 will boot from CD if you go into BIOS and set the CD drive as "First bootable drive", then insert the 98 CD, re-boot, should start to install by itself. Just answer questions as you go along.

As for boot floppy, can't remember for sure now, but don't think I ever used mine. The way I did a format of drive was to, boot PC, tapping F8 until screen came up with options. One of these is to start in DOS mode, choose that and PC will reboot, leaving you at an A:/ Prompt.

To the best of my memory, I think I then typed Format C: and it would warn me I was about to loose all info. on C drive, click on ok and sit back while it wipes the drive. Then do as above.j.

  hugh-265156 18:10 09 Aug 2003

thanks Djohn.

i will post back if i have any problems folks.

many thanks again to you all.

  hugh-265156 20:22 10 Aug 2003

my friend has now told me that this is windows 95(AGGgggh!!!)

so i have now downloaded all the updates for that.

i asked him if its floppys or a cd the OS is on and he says its hopefully will be ok.

he also tells me that the computer is a "AFT 6066CL" i cant find any info on google for it.

has anybody ever heard of this?

i knew i shouldnt have ticked resolved LOL!

thanks again.

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