installing windows 95 (really!)

  fsssh 13:28 05 Feb 2003

i am planning to buy another hard drive for my XP pc to install windows 95 so i can play my old games. i still have the win95 cd from my last machine but will need a key. when i bought it it didnt come with a manual with the key on the front and when i rang up the company who supplied it they said i could use the key from my computer before that which was also running 95, but now i cant remember how to get the key from the computer! i looked in system properties but theres nothing that looks like a code (unless i'm being blind). BTW, isnt it illegal to use the same code on different machines?

  ©®@$ђ 13:32 05 Feb 2003
  fsssh 13:53 05 Feb 2003

just tried that, it comes up with a product ID 20596-OEM-0015836-09013 but this isnt the key is it? i remember it being of this format (*****-*****-*****-****) but i dont remember the OEM bit....

  fsssh 13:57 05 Feb 2003

BTW have just tried that on my xp pc as well and it comes up with the same sort of thing, ****-OEM-******-**** this is nothing like the activation key that came with the XP cd as the key included letters as well as numbers...

  ©®@$ђ 14:21 05 Feb 2003

For Windows 95, navigate to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion and look for an entry in the right pane called ProductId or product key

  fsssh 16:22 05 Feb 2003

thats what i did, see my second post. there is no product key, just a product id, with ****-OEM-****-**** in the right pane - this doesn't look like the key cos it shouldnt have OEM in it should it? it should just be random letters and numbers...

  odb 16:29 05 Feb 2003


  ©®@$ђ 16:32 05 Feb 2003

that should be the that was used when 95 was installed

xp is completely different

but dont just take my word for it, i don't want to be held responsible if it is not!

but that is where you should find the key


  fsssh 16:40 05 Feb 2003

ok, i'll try the one i've got when i get the drive, at least i know that a real certificate for win95 has something with OEM in the key as well. i just thought it was a bit wierd that in xp the code on the side of my case and in the manual is completly different from the one in the registery.
Thanks to both of you. jim

  woodchip 16:40 05 Feb 2003

Plus you you will have to clear your XP from the disc befor you load 95 as it will mess-up XP

  fsssh 17:15 05 Feb 2003

it will? i am planning on installing it on a second drive, not the one with xp on, then i can just swap between them at boot-up via the bios (i hope!) how will win95 affect it?i didnt think it could read/write to a NFTS formatted drive, which i thought would make XP safe from win 95 fiddling with it.

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