Installing Windows 7 - missing device drivers?

  Shark&Blitz 15:51 26 Jun 2010

Ok, i'm trying to install Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on my brand new custom build. The installer loads perfectly and runs fine until choosing where to install the OS. My problem is that while the installer sees that my hard drive is there, it says i need to insert a CD/DVD/USB that contains driver media to access the drive. I have tried putting the drivers disc from my mainboard in but the installer still doesnt find any drivers. Can anybody help me get past this as it's now been 3 days and i've gotten nowhere.

Syatem details:
msi 770-c45 mainboard
AMD phenom II X4 810 processor
250gb seagate barracuda 7200.12

thankyou anybody who can help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:09 26 Jun 2010

Sort of thing you get with XP (not W7) when XP cannot see a sata drive.

Suggest you check yor BIOS settings and make sure ACHI disabled while you are attempting to install windows

Hope this helps.

  Shark&Blitz 16:31 26 Jun 2010

Cheers. I put it into IDE (not sure what RAID is but i know i dont have it) i'm still getting the same problem. Also, i had a try with a winXP disc and that has no problem going to install for some reason.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:53 26 Jun 2010

Are you installing from a IDE DVD drive to a SATA hard drive?

This is a known problem with the 64bit installer.
temp fit a sata DVd drive and install from that

or copy files to a bootable USB drive and install from there. click here

  Shark&Blitz 17:22 26 Jun 2010

Both The DVD drive and the hard drive are SATA. I'll give the bootable usb a go when i find a stick large enough.

  Shark&Blitz 18:16 26 Jun 2010

UPDATE: i cant get access to a large enough usb stick. Surely though that shouldnt make a difference as it's the drivers allowing windows to access my hard drive that i don't have (and that i need to continue the installation).

  james105051 18:32 26 Jun 2010

Although you don't intend to use RAID you still need to install SATA drivers before installing Win 7 64bit. Look on your mobo CD and you will find the drivers for SATA, sometimes there is a utility which when run makes a Floppy Disk\USB Flash Drive, other times you can copy them straight across. When you have this disk start windows installation and look for an option to install drivers, take this option and direct to where the drivers are, when the drivers are loaded the windows installation should then continue uninterupted.

  Shark&Blitz 18:58 26 Jun 2010

James, i'm not actually completely sure what you were trying to say there. But when the installer asks for driver media i inserted the mobo drivers & utilities disc, the installer scanned the disc itself but couldn't find any drivers on there.

  gengiscant 19:29 26 Jun 2010

Very strange, on my custom build earlier this year I used a Sata SSD drive and windows 7 installed without a problem.
Unfortunatly I am not home at the moment so can not look at my rig to see if there is some setting or other. But other than what fruit bat has suggested,I cannot think of anything. Will look soonest and post back if I discover anything.
I did have one problem trying to install, if my memory serves me, windows instalation would hang, that turned out to be a ram compatibility issue.

  Zeppelyn 22:02 26 Jun 2010

Unusual as Win 7 has most of the required drivers built in, from what you have said above these are the drivers you need, first item on download page.
click here

Also double check your BIOS Hard Disk settings are set to IDE mode or whatever MSI equivalent is, as with this setting you shouldnt need to hit F6 at all.

  Shark&Blitz 22:15 26 Jun 2010

Thankyou all for the advice. Unfortunately none of your solutions seemed to work for me. I've decided to just give up and stay on XP. After all for what i do win7 is just a graphical revamp with some slightly helpful features.

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