Installing Windows 7

  ribo 14:28 18 Jan 2010

I have just purchased an uprade of windows 7 as I am using XP.
I want to install this on a new HDD in my computer, leaving the HDD with XP installed intact until windows 7 is up and running.
On doing some research, it has occurred to me that I may have to buy the full version if I want to install this on a different drive. Is this the case please?
When upgrading from 98 to XP, all I had to do was insert the 98 disk at some point during the installation. Thanks J

  pa1916 14:39 18 Jan 2010

Thats a no no as W7 will put WXP in a file called old system you can't acess this,if you want it on a seperate partition or HDD you will require the full version.

  Graphicool1 14:42 18 Jan 2010

Have you run a system compatibility test for Win7?
click here

  Fingees 15:01 18 Jan 2010

Why not unplug your original hard drive?.

Put in the new one, then install XP on it. Once installed, you can install the W7 upgrade no problem.

After that, you can use your original hard drive if you feel like putting it back.

  ky72 15:10 18 Jan 2010

ribo! its unfortunate that you wasnt aware you needed a vista OS for the upgrade! if you message me i may be able to help you!! but message me by clicking on the yellow envolope here

  Paperplane 15:14 18 Jan 2010

You can use the upgrade disc to do a clean install as it has the full version on it. I did.
Boot from the upgrade disc instead.

  OTT_B 15:16 18 Jan 2010

I installed an upgrade version of W7 a couple of weeks ago. It never requested an XP disc of any sort. I'm not sure why though. If you're not sure then install XP onto the drive that you want W7 on, then install W7 over the top of it. There is probably an issue with licensing though, since you will still be using the old version of XP....

You can't upgrade from XP to W7. It has to be a clean install.

  User-1229748 15:33 18 Jan 2010

you do have options,have a read of this.only methods one and three supported by microsoft as explained here click here and this may be easier to follow click here

  ky72 15:34 18 Jan 2010

Any news on the SP1.??

  ribo 16:08 18 Jan 2010

Thank yu all for your help. There is a lot to digest. I will get back when I have read all answers. Thanks again J

  Fingees 17:07 18 Jan 2010

You can use an upgrade disk to install from XP,

But as said it will not enable you to use xp on the same HD, It will label it as old.

I installed my upgrade using xp, it then did a complete install of W7.

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