Installing Windows 2000

  SGBowen 17:25 30 Aug 2003

I have Windows 98SE installed, and I am trying to install Windows 2000 on a separate partition, in order to use dual-booting. The hard disk was already partitioned but as I go through the installation process, following the advice I found at click here, I get stuck at the point where I have to choose the partition where I want to install W2K. I select the D drive but then get the message "Drive C is unformatted, damaged or formatted with a file system that is incompatible with Windows 2000", which of course it is, because it is FAT32. But it not the C drive where I am trying to install W2K, but the D drive. How can I get past this point?

  krypt1c 17:45 30 Aug 2003

Found these q & a links
click here
click here

  SGBowen 19:09 30 Aug 2003

...but I didn't find the answer there.

  krypt1c 19:21 30 Aug 2003

From my reading of the posts you should install W2K onto the C drive alongside your current OS ;-)

  leo49 19:52 30 Aug 2003

Try this more detailed guide and read very carefully the options offered during the install procedure. See also the section on multibooting.

click here


  leo49 19:53 30 Aug 2003

You're quite right to say that you wish to install in D if you are using the Windows bootlader.

  krypt1c 20:07 30 Aug 2003

Much better than what I found. Well in leo49

  MichelleC 10:39 31 Aug 2003

There may be an idiosyncrasy in w2k installer.

I fsdisked pc1 'c', primary partioned it to about 3rd space, formatted, extended partioned the rest and logical partitioned it. Then I directed w2k to clean install on 'c'. But what it did was install on 'd' and changed the drive letter to 'c'. So now my drives have swopped over. Not drastic, but I followed the procedure to the letter, triple checking each way of the process (with lots of help from here). The only thing I can think of was as I didn't format the logical partition (because of time so I thought I'd do it later)so it may have faulted on install.

However, on pc2, due to cdrom going kaput, w2k wouldn't boot (just looping on hd error check), so I installed on w2k 'd' (without fsdik etc) and it installed fine.

  leo49 11:08 31 Aug 2003

I find the whole Windows dualboot setup faintly illogical and view it with a vague suspicion. The Partition Magic/Bootmagic solution is to me more satisfactory and reliable as an OS just "should be" always on C.


  SGBowen 10:07 13 Sep 2003

I first tried installing W2K on to a second partition on my hard drive, with the idea of being able to dual boot. The W2K installer objected to this as described above. Then I tried upgrading W98 to W2K, but the W2K installer said that Drive C was unformatted or damaged. I have run the surface scan from scandisk, and defragged. What else can I do? Is this the same problem as with the first attempt to install W2K on to the D drive?

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