Installing windows 10 and drivers

  PhillyG76 00:17 26 Jan 2019

I’m currently building a new pc based on Asus Z370-G motherboard, Intel 9600k cpu, one 8Gb Corsair vengeance 2400 MHz ram stick, and now have a 512gb Samsung 970 pro SSD. I plan on using the SSD to put windows on and maybe the drivers. And then fit maybe a Western Digital 4tb hard disk for main storage, with the idea of putting some games that I play at the time in the SSD, and then move it to HDD when I get another game (basically having games I’m using at the time to load up faster, but using HDD to transfer games or other files I’m not using much at time, to free up the SSD). Does this sound a good way of going about things? I plan on maybe a 4tb HDD. So I can back up things from SSD. But also save documents, Music etc. But use the SSD for games/apps that need to load up quickly. But what I’m worried about is, I know I can select to install windows 10 to SSD, and guess I can download and save drivers there too, but what I worry about is when updating or adding drivers or windows do I need to be careful in making sure I’ve saved it to the correct drive, or do some things get selected automatically. I mean there’s this RAID thing, which I have no idea at all about. I hope this makes some sense at least, if someone can think of things that I need to consider of an easy way to explain things then I’d really appreciate it.

Many thanks for any help recieved

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:49 27 Jan 2019

Sounds OK but you can tell windows where to store your files i.e move your user folders (pictures documents video setc.) to the HDD. This will leave plenty of room on the SSd for updates (windows is talking about reserving 7Gb for future updates) and games

I run windows from an SSD and have all these folders on my HDD

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