Installing Win95 on FAT hd to dual boot.. problems

  Frosty120 18:58 08 Nov 2004

I have XP on a 80gig NTFS drive and I want to put 95 on a 5.99 gig drive that I wiped and formatted as FAT.
The FAT drive has nothing on it, so it won't boot into DOS or anything.
I created a DOS boot disk from XP. This let me boot into DOS but my cd drive was not recognised.
I tried to install DOS 6.22 with the floppy that I got with windows 3.11 (those where the days!).
However, it tells me theres an error with the drive and it can't install.
I tried to install windows 3.11 from the 3.11 bootable floppy, but after disk 6 when it restarts it cant find and I can't carry on the installation.
Obviously I can't install from the XP command prompt because its on NTFS, but I tried to see if it recognised my drive, it did.
I tried using the cd rom drive installation boot disk that came with the 95 computer (the cd drive actually comes from that system), but that says it requires windows 95!!!
What can I do?
Can I get a boot disk that will install a newer version of DOS? Is there another way to install 95 or 3.11? Any ideas why I can't use my CD ROM in DOS? Do I need to install it and if so how if I can't get into 95?
I also have win98 Second edition upgrade which I plan to install over the 95 installation, is there any way I can install that straight? But then I'd still hav the same problems in DOS
I'm confused!
Any help is much appreciated.

  woodchip 19:12 08 Nov 2004

you need a floppy disc from click here
Download the tenth file down a Windows 98se OEM disc then put a clean floppy disc in comp and double click the download to create the boot floppy.You are better disconnect the Ribbon cable from the XP drive first then set the old Drive as Master Windows 9 will only run on drive C:\ start with the floppy you made if you only formatted the old drive choose start with CDrom support the CD drive letter will have changed so you will need to find which is the CD drive letter with the Win CD in it then just type Setup after you get win95 on the computer you will need connect the other drive back up but set the jumper on the drive to Slave. you then need to load a boot loader so you can start ether OS

  Frosty120 23:54 08 Nov 2004

Woodchip! Thank you so much!
That boot disk worked a treat!
You said that I need a 'boot loader', but the article in pca 98 page 119 about installing a second OS said that I can just use Windows XP. It says to go to system, click the advance tab and select start up and recovery settings. Theres a drop down from which you choose your default OS, however my drop down shows only XP and not 98.
Any ideas how I can make it recognise Windows 98?

  woodchip 16:04 09 Nov 2004

Why not just download a third party boot loaded. Sorry but I don't have any experience of the XP boot loader. This may point you in the right direction click here ALSO TAKE A LOOK click here

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