Installing Win 98 SE on a freshly formatted drive

  eezeepc 15:18 10 Jun 2003

Having formatted the drive, I am now installing Win98 SE. The system files are copied, but when the system needs to reboot to complete the install, I get the message 'Invalid system disk - replace the disk and then press any key'
There is no floppy disk in the drive, but I can't get past the error. Any ideas??

have you partitioned the hard drive and set an active partition to make it bootable?

  Megatyte 15:29 10 Jun 2003

Does your BIOS support boot from CD and is your 98 setup disk bootable. If no to either then youwill need a 98 start-up floppy. If you haven't got one then go to

click here

Post back.


  jorf 15:31 10 Jun 2003

Use Fdisk before formatting then all should work fine, I did this last week

  eezeepc 15:32 10 Jun 2003

AH - yes to both questions. After fdisk and format, I booted from a win98 bootable floppy and commenced the instal from the cd.

  PA28 15:33 10 Jun 2003

Make sure that your BIOS is set to read the drive where your system files are on bootup. If it's not looking in the right place it won't find them. It may be that you need to remove all floppies and CDs on reboot - so that it will look at the hard drive where you have installed the file (make sure that you have!!).

  Megatyte 15:35 10 Jun 2003

Sorry. I mis-read your post. Ignore my previous reply.


sounds like something has gone wrong with your primary active partition, at this stage it should boot from the hard drive so long as there are no disks in the machine (cd/flp), i'm a little stumped for anything to suggest except start again

  eezeepc 15:40 10 Jun 2003

I've forced the system to look at the C drive, but still get the error. I'm assuming the installation hasn't completed and I was expecting the CD to spin up and for the installation process to continue.

  eezeepc 15:48 10 Jun 2003

If I start again, can you confirm that my C drive should have a primary dos partition using fat32?

yes , and it must be set as active. also make sure that LBA mode is enabled.

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