Installing Visual Basic

  Ron Pond 11:57 12 Jun 2006

On the July 2006 cover DVD there is a copy of Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express and I would like to give it a try. I've downloaded the file En_vb_2005_express.iso to my hard disc, as instructed, and then installed CDBurnerXP from the cover disc. I've used that to burn an image of the Viual Basic file to a CD. I can see it's there on the CD but when I click on the file, it tells me that Windows is unable to open it. What am I doing wrong, please?

  VoG II 12:02 12 Jun 2006

You can download it from click here and no need to burn to CD.

  jz 22:42 12 Jun 2006

VOG: just wondered what you think of the .net version of VB.

  Ron Pond 11:19 13 Jun 2006

VOG: Thanks for your lightning response to my query (is that the smell of scorched paint coming from my computer?). I'm grateful for your suggestion of downloading it directly from the Microsoft website and for the link you provided. I'll definitely try that approach and see how I get on. Thanks again for taking the trouble to reply to my cry for help!

Ron Pond

  woodchip 11:24 13 Jun 2006

Try starting your Computer with the CD you burned in the Drive

  Ron Pond 11:45 23 Jun 2006

woodchip: Thanks for your helpful suggestion and my apologies for not responding to your posting earlier but I've been out of circulation for a few days. I did try with the CD in the drive, as you suggested, but without success. Now that I've looked at the Microsoft website, as VoG suggested, it would seem that there should have been some sort of startup.exe file to go with the application file but unfortunately this wasn't present on the PC Advisor cover disc. Its absence would explain why your suggestion was also of no avail. Thanks again for your trouble in trying to help me.
Ron Pond

  Rigga 14:33 23 Jun 2006

It sounds as though you have burnt the iso as a data file, so that the En_vb_2005_express.iso file appears on the cd in explorer.

When you put the cd in the drive do you see the En_vb_2005_express.iso file listed?

If so this is not right. You need to burn the iso as a disk image. I'm not familiar with CDBurnerXP, but there should be an option to burn disk image in there somewhere. Maybe someone who uses CDBurnerXP can advise.


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