Installing Vista OEM

  jameswalpole 23:20 31 Jan 2007

I've got a copy of Vista Home Premium 64bit on an OEM edition, I'm going to install it on my PC which currently has XP Pro, I've tried booting from the Vista disc which runs until it gets to the select installtion drive stage.

My hard drives appear on the list but my System drive doesn't, my system drive currently has XP pro on it and is a pair of drives in a striped RAID that opperate as a single drive.

I am I right that my system drive doesn't appear because it already has an OS on it and my disc is OEM ?

Also which is the best method of formatting my machine prior to putting Vista on ? maybe running my XP disc and formatting via that ?

And if I do format my drive/drives will they lose the striped RAID fuction and appear as 2 drives instead of one combined ??

Cheers in advance.

  anskyber 13:37 01 Feb 2007

Good to see you in the helproom. What is your advice to Jimbo Asprilla to deal with his problem?

  ventanas 13:38 01 Feb 2007

Its more than a blog. Its a fact.

I don't know where ßeta is coming from either. Entitled to support only is a myth. I wish people would make sure they know what they are talking about before posting wrong advice. As a member of this organisation click here I do know the rules. This attempted installation is by admission from an OEM disc not supplied with the system. This is illegal. I have now mailed the FE about this thread.

If Jimbo Asprilla wants a copy of Vista he can buy a retail one.

  PaulB2005 13:46 01 Feb 2007

Not claiming a "whiter than white attitude" nor do i claim to be one of a "very informed army of Men of Woe just waiting to defend 'their' honour and profits at every corner"

Just posting FACTS so people can be informed of the facts. Posting incorrect or illegal information could be detrimental to the person asking the question and/or this forum. The rights and wrongs of MS's policy and licensing terms are not what was being discussed. I don't agree with it but i abide by it.

The "fact" that OEM can be bought and installed with a simple upgrade is now a long abused MYTH.

  jackhass 13:53 01 Feb 2007

anskyber , Hi

If you want the details for microdirect then ok click here

I am only here to see how well the accurate the Googling links are.Bit bored now

My advice would be to initially install Vista without all the Raid nonsense.Waste of time and money that raid unless for commercial use.

Vista will have enough problems without adding to it.
I would install it onto a fresh partition keeping XP therefore giving a him a dual boot.

Or simply put it onto one of the sata drives by itself and hiding the XP drive within the Bios.He can swop between the masters as he likes.

The priority is to get Vista up and running so you can learn for the future.

  jackhass 13:58 01 Feb 2007

ventanas, so I gave a very good description then!

  jameswalpole 15:25 01 Feb 2007

Success ! it as wall down to finding the correct the driver for the SATA RAID.

I've now installed Vista and so far it is working like a dream, thanks to all those that were mature enough to help out a person in need, once again I thank you.

To the others, you may now go back to your neigbhourhood watch committee meetings and telling off the local children, pointing at the "no ball games allowed sign".

Thanks again


  jackhass 15:33 01 Feb 2007

Jimbo Asprilla well done mate.Is that a knocking at the door.Do me a favour and let them in!!!

Hey anskyber my first words above were "search for updated drivers on the manufacturers site" ;luck or you for a chat later.

  anskyber 15:43 01 Feb 2007

So it was.

Just as well he did not follow the comprehensive advice you gave afterwards then isn't it. "My advice would be to initially install Vista without all the Raid nonsense.Waste of time and money that raid unless for commercial use."

I look forward to the chats. Just out of interest, why do you keep changing your login name?

  jackhass 15:54 01 Feb 2007

anskyber that is a myth me olde son.
There is only me.

Sorry do I know you?

  anskyber 15:55 01 Feb 2007

Of course....of course.

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