Installing Vista OEM

  jameswalpole 23:20 31 Jan 2007

I've got a copy of Vista Home Premium 64bit on an OEM edition, I'm going to install it on my PC which currently has XP Pro, I've tried booting from the Vista disc which runs until it gets to the select installtion drive stage.

My hard drives appear on the list but my System drive doesn't, my system drive currently has XP pro on it and is a pair of drives in a striped RAID that opperate as a single drive.

I am I right that my system drive doesn't appear because it already has an OS on it and my disc is OEM ?

Also which is the best method of formatting my machine prior to putting Vista on ? maybe running my XP disc and formatting via that ?

And if I do format my drive/drives will they lose the striped RAID fuction and appear as 2 drives instead of one combined ??

Cheers in advance.

  jameswalpole 09:04 01 Feb 2007

Thanks for the advice Beta, when I enter the advanced option I see all my IDE drives but not my SATA's.

I then click on the Drivers button and insert my drivers disc, but it says its not the correct driver for the device.

This driver works fine with XP as it was the one I use to install.

Both Sata drives appear in the RAID Set up utility

  Technotiger 09:24 01 Feb 2007

Hi, have a look here ...

click here

  jackhass 10:10 01 Feb 2007

Jimbo Asprilla search for updated drivers on the manufacturers site.

Many companies got round the XP OEM technicalities by selling the OS with a piece of hardware eg mouse mat!!

  Belatucadrus 12:05 01 Feb 2007

Your rapier sharp wit and exhaustive knowledge of OEM licensing terms is an example to us all.

I stand corrected.

  PaulB2005 12:15 01 Feb 2007

"Many companies got round the XP OEM technicalities by selling the OS with a piece of hardware eg mouse mat!!"

Thought this wasn't legal and sionce September 2005 OEM was legal only on a whole new PC. Not with upgrades.

  ventanas 12:33 01 Feb 2007

jackass is living up to his name. The option to buy oem with a piece of hardware was withdrawn over a year ago
click here

Jimbo Asprilla is requesting help to carry out an illegal activity. This contravenes the rules of this forum. So does helping him. I suggest we all forget this one. If he did ever get it installed it probably won't validate anyway.

  jackhass 12:47 01 Feb 2007

Funny how MS seem to have a very informed army of Men of Woe just waiting to defend 'their' honour and profits at every corner.

Strange,when Tesco or the banks are slightly compromised the general view is 'excellent' and not cries of 'thief'.
Similarly, the same can be said when the public gets one over the local councils on parking fees or fines.

OK the pious can claim 'foul' ,to all of the above, but why the whiter than white attitude when it always involves Microsoft?
Make it cheaper to buy and then no one will be bothered to try and out-smart MS.

Please spare us the sanctimonious chants.

  jackhass 12:55 01 Feb 2007

ventanas blogs are for blogs!

  Snec 13:21 01 Feb 2007

Install it on a fresh partition. *Ring* microsoft to get it validated. No problems I promise!

  jackhass 13:32 01 Feb 2007

Right then Swiss Guards what would you do if on the first day your shaky hand spilt your horlicks over the brand new pc and killed it.

Would you throw away your OEM OS that came with your new pc. "Oh Yes!!"

PS you paid cash for it and have you no household insurance.

Personally I would go straight out and replace it with a large bottle of whisky.But then again I would never buy pre-built rubbish anyway.

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