Installing Vista OEM

  jameswalpole 23:20 31 Jan 2007

I've got a copy of Vista Home Premium 64bit on an OEM edition, I'm going to install it on my PC which currently has XP Pro, I've tried booting from the Vista disc which runs until it gets to the select installtion drive stage.

My hard drives appear on the list but my System drive doesn't, my system drive currently has XP pro on it and is a pair of drives in a striped RAID that opperate as a single drive.

I am I right that my system drive doesn't appear because it already has an OS on it and my disc is OEM ?

Also which is the best method of formatting my machine prior to putting Vista on ? maybe running my XP disc and formatting via that ?

And if I do format my drive/drives will they lose the striped RAID fuction and appear as 2 drives instead of one combined ??

Cheers in advance.

  citadel 23:35 31 Jan 2007

oem is for system builders so it will need a empty hard drive. it would have been easier to get the upgrade version.

  jameswalpole 23:43 31 Jan 2007

Agreed, but vastly more expensive too.

If I format my C: drive it should appear on the drives list next time I boot from Vista ?

  Belatucadrus 23:46 31 Jan 2007

Not sure they'd even permit an answer to this question on the forum as technically it would be instructions on how to breach license terms and Microsoft are already showing signs of being even more litigeous over Vista than usual.

  jameswalpole 23:49 31 Jan 2007

What ? I've purchased a perfectly legitimate version of Windows Vista that I wish to install in place of Xp Pro.

Where is there anything ilegal about that ?

  Belatucadrus 00:00 01 Feb 2007

OEM is for new PCs only, not updates. Installing it on an existing machine breaks the license terms.
Don't blame me, I didn't draft them.

I'm not even saying that it can't be done, just unsure as to whether PCA would permit posting of instructions.

  PaulB2005 00:00 01 Feb 2007

It is licensed only for use on a WHOLE NEW PC. Not an upgraded one. Not to replace a current OS but on a WHOLE NEW PC.

  jameswalpole 00:01 01 Feb 2007

Hells bells, should I turn myself in at the local police station ?

  PaulB2005 00:08 01 Feb 2007

No. Doubt much will come of it.

  jameswalpole 00:11 01 Feb 2007

It won't keep me awake at night put it that way.

I've posted a similar request on the Microsoft help pages and I've not had a negative comment unlike on here.

Thanks for the constuctive comments.

  Belatucadrus 00:38 01 Feb 2007

Be fun to see if Microsoft prosecute themselves for helping you out.
We're not being negative, just bearing in mind the potential consequences to the forum.
Best of luck.

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