installing a USB port

  coinneach 21:48 26 Feb 2005

I've been asked by a friend to install broadband on her computer. I know from past experience that it's a doddle when the PC has a USB port, but her's hasn't. There's only a parallel port.
Is it possible to install a USB port in an old PC and if so, how?


  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:51 26 Feb 2005

She/ you will have to install a USB PCI card.

You can go down to PC world or a local computer shop.

Note: you have to have Windows 98 or later.

Feel free to ask for more help.


  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:53 26 Feb 2005


"You can go down to PC world or a local computer shop"

should be:

You can find one of these at your local computer shop or pc world.

Its very easy to install.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:03 26 Feb 2005

1. switch off remove cover

2. ground yourself on the frame

3. insert card UBS2 PCI card (cheaper at Computer shop 5 port Q-tec £10, PC world 2 port Belkin £18)

4. secure with screw.

5. refit cover

6. reboot

7. XP will find and install new hardware / windows 9x run driver disk that comes with card.

Total time 3.5 minutes (did one this morning)

  VoG II 22:05 26 Feb 2005

Even I have done this (successfully)!

  Totally-braindead 22:21 26 Feb 2005

As the others have said its really very simple, Fruit Bats description is right on the nose it really is that easy.

  blowworm 22:25 26 Feb 2005


You can get a hub for a pittance on that auction site!


  stalion 22:26 26 Feb 2005

evening,must be easy then lol

  coinneach 22:59 26 Feb 2005

many thanks, everyone, for all your help. I hope I find it as easy as you say it is! I have an uncanny knack in finding snags in everyhing I do on computers! If history repeats itself, I'll be back to worry you again.


  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 23:37 26 Feb 2005

Don't worry i am 14 years old and i built a computer (when i was 12) and i didn't know how to assemble it,but it worked after guessing my way through!

Im not saying guess how to put it in.

but well if i can do it,you surely can!!!!


were all on the edge of our seats.

  coinneach 12:02 27 Feb 2005

thanks Big Ben...

very reassuring. I'm 81 years old, so I should have learned a trick or two by now!! I strongly suspect that my friend will opt for a new PC, since hers is 7 years old (I sold it to her 3 years ago)and gives us both a fair amount of trouble. I might take it over, strip it down and install Linux for experimental purposes. I'm very impressed with Firefox and Thunderbird, which I've used for some months.


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