installing Usb device and have driver but wont

  [DELETED] 21:04 18 Apr 2006

install it self i have directeted it to it an d it still wont detect it ,it is a dcu 11 the cable for my sony and when i put it in the front usb header it days USB DEVICE and goes to the hardware wizard and wont install it auto matically or manually ,now when i got the pc i dloaded the manual for the board K7S5A ,dont know what type and connected up the two usb ports at the front now my guess is that i need a driver for the actual USB socket before i need one for the cable but either way i still cant do it ,i dloaded that stupid driver program and it told me i neededto update my :SIS PCI IDE controller and the vinyl AC97 codec AND the realtek rtl ethernet pci FASTethernet ,and sure they work never had a prob apart from first install i ccant in stall a sound card because it give s conflict but when i had ME(now XP) it worked fine with extra sound card because this board has integ sound and befire was using the card but now i have to use integ for some reason ,anyway thats not my problem so am i right in thinklin i need a usb device driver before the cable driver as i have been to the website and dloaded everything it has said even adobe photo crap package thats huge and i dont need it but oh well ,,AAAAAwWWWWWW please help if you can,,,,,,,,,,a deparate fan

  [DELETED] 17:23 19 Apr 2006

I VE done it now ,cheers anyway i have to find a driver for windows XP called usb device driver (usb data cable) and it is not anywhere on the sites at all ,nor the support sites ,but i found it in a write up about someone else s problem and it had the drivers not even microsoft had them well if they did icouldnt find them!!!

  [DELETED] 14:45 05 May 2006

Please could you tell me where did you find the driver? I've got your same problem and I really don't know where to find it!

  Stuartli 15:49 05 May 2006

Windows XP SP2 should already have the drivers available for USB2 - look in Device Manager>USB controllers for the word Enhanced being listed.

  [DELETED] 21:48 14 May 2006

Hi back again after reading my thread on google as i was trying to reinstall my cable ,remembering this problem i had before ,well i was looking again on google as this is where i found the link (long time ago),but can no longer find it ,remembering when i see my thread that i had dloaded one of them driver checking device s and at the time it done a complete back up of ALL the drivers on my pc ,at the time ,Thus remembering this again(soz) i recebtly done a upgrade and copied all to cds for reinstall new drive ,well lo and behold i Found the driver again ,and reinstalled cable just like that ,well if you would like this dfriver ,i have no problems in helping anyone ,please email me by signin to pc advisor and replying to the envelope by the name ,pandaa ,as unfortunaly i cannot provide a link ,providing this is of course OK<with THE PC ADVISOR TEAM ,as this is especailly for them as they myself understand thr kind of problem this cable is ,poss they email me and they provide link?????? but i still have it and it works a treat ,glad i can help ,,.

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