Installing updated version of Medical Programme

  Redlegs 10:31 11 Aug 2007

Hi there , am trying to install the latest version
of a medical programme ( using a CD )that controls a personal monitoring service of a small machine , but it won't accept , giving a message that we have to uninstall the existing ( and now superseded ) version of that programme. This is understandable and we figured we had done that , as nowhere that we have looked , does it show that the existing programme still is held on file.
Any ideas ?? Using XP --SP2 Control Panel ---> add/remove prog , gives no clues !
Thanks in advance. Redlegs ( Sth Aust)

  Taff™ 11:12 11 Aug 2007

I assume you have looked in Program Files in case there is an existing folder with remnants of the previous installation. There will probably be references in the registry and this is not for inexperienced users!

From Start>Run type regedit. From File>Export and make a copy of the registry. Now do a search for the program name and post back what you find.

  Taff™ 11:13 11 Aug 2007

Follow Marg7`s advice first!

  Redlegs 23:56 11 Aug 2007

Apologies to Marg and Taff --- got side tracked !!
Have had a crack at all suggestions, have downloaded "ccleaner" , but yet to run it.
Had checked Programme Files and Window Search b4 posting question -- that's where I learnt that
programmes can lurk under another identity!!
And Taff -- put my toe in the water re the Registry , and quickly took it out again!! - took
your advice -- not for the inexperienced!!----
could not get a copy of the Registry.
The programme I am wrestling with is ---
" ParadigmPAL " Ref MMT- 7330 Version 3.0
This is the latest version. The item is used for the monitoring of Insulin intake for Diabetes
So at this point , I am still in limbo.
Thanks Marg and Taff , will keep trying your
suggestions and report back. Redlegs

  Taff™ 08:55 12 Aug 2007

click here for the 24/7 UK Helpline number. Calls are nswered in America, but this would be my first port of call. See if they`ve come across the problem before. Ask them specifically if they have a stand alone "Uninstall Tool" that you can download. Also get the website address for the Software support site.

Option Two is to re-install the original software, reboot the computer and then immediately remove it again from Add/Remove programs. (If it will let you re-install it of course!)

I`ve had a good search for the solution on Google to no avail yet, but there are dedicated forums. Post back with your progress - we`ll crack this one way or another

  Redlegs 17:00 12 Aug 2007

( Always wanted to put that score into print !!)
Thanks again T & M for your perseverance in this
matter --- obviously , like me , you like a challenge. Finally found the CD for version 2.0 and popped it in -- you guessed right!! " P/PAL
Already Exists " ( doesn't say what version tho)
-- " please uninstall " checked 24/7 helpline and mulled it over for a while , but since I have a Customer Service email address supplied with the machine, and a hotline phone all hours number for Aust. ,decided to email them , listing your particular questions.
I am quite chuffed at the ease of the dialogue and the candour of same , that is able to flow back and forth in this helproom -- great stuff -- and I finally found a newsagent situated closeby that stocks the PC Mag . Can now expand on the headings as posted in the PC Adv.emails to me. To M & T --- till I get a response from Medtronic , TTFN & thanks again from Down Under!!!

  Redlegs 18:34 15 Aug 2007

Just received an email from the "Global Support Team " of Medtronic Diabetes , based in Northridge, California, which is probably where my 24/7 helpline phonecall would have been attended to , had I taken Taff's earlier advice.This email is in response to the onforwarding of my email query to the Australian
You were on the money , Taff !! Their advice , like yours , was to delve into the Registry thru
"regedit" -- with a slight variation --- place & click cursor over "My Computer"---->Edit--->find
--->(3 boxes) Keys,Values,Data--->check "Keys"
box only,--type "ParadigmPAL" in screen -->find next.
Off it went and found "ParadigmPALDocument" -- (short for "Documentation" I found later)--just the one item , and gingerly exercizing the option to remove this "key" , did just that. No bells and whistles appeared to tell me I had just upset the Registry , so I whipped in my most recent"Version 3" ,and off it sailed !!!
You little beauty !! thank you again guys !!!
cheers , Neville (aka - Redlegs ! )
(Have found another annoyance on something else , but will wait awhile before I run it past the Helproom )

  Taff™ 21:50 15 Aug 2007

Good stuff! Start a new thread with your latest problem and we`ll see what we can do!

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