Installing Suse Linux on Win XP PC

  dregn 06:54 18 Jun 2004

I have a recently built PC with Win XP Pro as the OS.
I wish now to install Suse Linux v8.0 on it as 'Dual Boot'.
Any pointers as to how I go about this will be much appreciated.

  Chegs ® 09:28 18 Jun 2004

I d/l over 3Gb's of various Suse files,burn't around a dozen coasters before I found out that there isn't a Suse d/l to create install CD's.I then used the Suse "network instalation cd" to load Suse 9.1.It should be possible to install Suse via "network install" AND create a dual-boot but I haven't a clue how.Try looking up via google "dual boot + Suse" and see if it turns up any info on howto.

  woodchip 09:44 18 Jun 2004

Not a good idea in my view. If you are going to or want load and have a go I would suggest you buy a extra drive and load it onto that, and dual boot that

I,m rather inclined to agree with woodchip but if you cannot afford/or don't want to do that then I would suggest getting a trial version of Acronis partition manager and use it to make a partition on one of your drives then the installation is simple enough (provided you have Suse on disc) you will be given the choice of boot loaders during installation. Don't worry installing Linux is fairly simple, it's just not as simplistic as Windows./

  pmjd 09:58 18 Jun 2004

If your curious about Linux then perhaps a try a live CD version. This will allow you to see if all your hardware is compatible and give you a feel for SUSE. Others are available such as MandrakeMove (first timer friendly) and knoppix.

What file system is Windows XP using? If it is fat32 then you'll be fine. If it is NTFS you'll have to switch off system restore & defrag it 4 or 5 times. This is because disk partitioning & resizing by linux based installers works fine on fat32 systems but are still a little shaky with NTFS, especially an older version like 8.0, might be better to go with a more recent version like 9.1.

Woodchip's suggestion of a second HD is not a bad one, could save you any grief with screwed up Windows settings.

Hope this helps,

  Chegs ® 10:44 18 Jun 2004

I have been and had a quick readup on Suse + Dual-boot and it would appear to either be very simple(loading up with little to do but click "Next")or extremely problematical(Grub loader wrecking the XP OS)Good Luck.

  dregn 15:56 18 Jun 2004

Thank you so much, everybody, food for thought.

I think I will buy a new HDD ( From Overclockers - I find them good and reliable )and take it from there.
I remembered I had read previously that it was better to dedicate a separate drive to Linux.

I have used Knoppix ( it was included with a book on migrating to Linux that I bought ) and liked what I saw.

I have invested in a full retail set of Suse v9.0 ( not 8.0 ) and I am impatient to get started.

I will report further when I have installed the new disk.

Thank you all again for your helpful responses.

  dth 17:35 18 Jun 2004

Version 9 of Suse is much better than 8. Once your new h/d is installed, just change your BIOS settings to boot from the CD drive and away you go. There is no need to format your new h/d as Suse will do this for you.

When Suse starts up - it give you a config screen with default settings. It is quite clever and should pick up your second h/d as the place to install (it will call this hdb). If you want to be ultra careful - on the boot up option change the settings to boot from a floppy disc. The default option is a bootloader called Grub. The way this works is that when you start your p/c you'll get a screen giving you the option to start Windows or Suse. If you pick the floppy disc option - you can always add Grub (to your h/d) at a later date.

Please post back if you have any problems or aren't sure of anything. It is very much a case of each to their own - but since I've been dual booting (Win XP and Suse) I hardly ever use Windows - just love Suse.

  dregn 17:55 18 Jun 2004


Many thanks for that.

I just need to order the new IDE HDD over the weekend and install next week, hopefully.

FYO - I am in my 70's and just completed my 3rd new build ( for a friend )

I just want to get to grips with Linux . I like challenges !

  dth 18:47 18 Jun 2004

Dregn - Am sure you'll find Linux good fun. I only gave it a go when I got a bit bored of Windows.

Please keep us posted on how you are getting on.

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