installing sony dru-500a dvdwriter

  CANNY LAD 16:17 15 Feb 2003

what are the settings on for the jumpers
canny lad

  howard60 16:25 15 Feb 2003

with the unit. It is above my price range at the moment but I assume you will have the 3 jumpers master - slave and cable select.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:26 15 Feb 2003
  crx16 16:36 15 Feb 2003

i have mine set as slave,due to the fact i already have a 'master' dvd drive,seems to be working OK

  crx16 16:42 15 Feb 2003

the DRU500a has been updated to DW-U10A(4x +/-r),click here in stock 3 day delivery.

  crx16 19:10 15 Feb 2003

ßéLâ, the drive comes without any blank media,consider these two sample packs click here and click here

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