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  [email protected] 10:39 05 Jan 2006

Although Network related, not a network subject!I have 2 different PC's, 2 different OS, 2 different PCI wifi cards but always the same problem no matter which combination I use. I just cannot install the cards correctly even when following all instructions to the letter! Windows which should appear, don't - and windows which should'nt appear, do! Messages like "cannot install (*) file cannot be found", "please type path to drivers","installation disc required" etc are common. I am doing everything right - is that what I am doing wrong? Both discs specify the importance of a] install the software first b] do not restart the PC when prompted c] when the installation has finished power down d] insert the card e] power up f] OS will see the new h/w and install the drivers - bob's yer Uncle, uhhhhh no not really and nothing like it. I have tried from the CD and DVD drive, even resorted to copying the driver files from the installation disc to a floppy and when Windows asks for them pointing to the A drive. It installs the drivers but I finally end up with a window "the hardware is not installed correctly" and that's that. I have tried disabling all the AV and other stuff - I can change these cards blindfolded!

  jules52 11:39 05 Jan 2006

Have been through similar experience myself although on wired connection. I can tell you that you are best sticking to two identical cards and two identical OS. You dont say what your 2 diff OS are? - not that you've got that far. Assuming that your on for example Windows 98 and XP eg and you still want to persevere with your existing hardware and software I would install the card/s and wait for your PC to find the new hardware and then proceed with the on screen instructions. If it doesn't find anything when you boot up it would suggest that either the card is faulty or that you haven't fitted it correctly. Hope you've got some hair left in the end!

  jules52 11:42 05 Jan 2006

As a further follow on I would definitely install hardware before software!!

  [email protected] 13:37 05 Jan 2006

Hi jules52. And now the good news! Before Christmas both cards were fitted and both PC's spoke to each other :-). Then I had a problem [thread 222353] which was traced to the PCI card in the primary PC [XP]. So I tried to do the obvious - simply swap the cards between the PC's [WinMe on secondary]. Argggghhh - I remember my dad telling me one advantage is another disadvantage and I should have paid more attention. Neither PC will accept each others card. I have no hair left from the last problem but I have not tried just installing the card physically, booting then running the software. If that works and in your case, is advised, why is it written the other way around? I know why it's called Windows - because that's the route a lot of PC's take on their way to the skip... I will try as you suggest and thanks.

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