installing software on XP for single access XP Hom

  Tj_El 10:14 21 Nov 2003


I am trying to install one version (test) of a program for my use exclusively and another version for the rest of the family who use a different logon ID. Each time I install my version, it is also available to the family which is not the result I want.

Can anyone please tell me how to ensure only I have access? I installed by setting the path to my user 'Program Files' directory but this did not work. Is this a function not available in XP Home?

Your advise appreciated.


  Tj_El 10:34 21 Nov 2003


  Jester2K II 10:47 21 Nov 2003

Right click the Start button and choose Explore. By moving the shortcuts around you can change who can see the Icons.

Anything under "All Users" is available to everyone. Copy or move it under your own directory to only allow that user to see it.

Its not 100% fool proof but i use it on my PC to control who can access what!

  Tj_El 13:55 21 Nov 2003

Thanks Jester! Works OK.


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