installing software on XP for access by all users

  JustJohn 21:13 04 Oct 2003

I have just upgraded to XP and installed some software whilst I was logged in. The software was only accessable by me but after having read the arcives here I put it into all users file so the rest of my family had access.
Is there a way of installing software so that all users automatically see it on their desktops and have access?

  wiznyme 21:19 04 Oct 2003

Program Files folder is a secured folder in XP.

Create a new folder on the C: drive, give everyone full rights to it and install the programmes to that instead.

  JustJohn 08:40 05 Oct 2003

Thanks wiznyme for the solution to my problem.
It does seem that to make multi-users that Microsoft have made installing new software harder than you'd think it should be. I don't know how a complete novice would cope!
Anyway thanks again.

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