installing the sims

  gingepaul 12:18 24 Dec 2003

hi all, i recently built a computer for the kids and installed the simms on it, a few weeks later the kids uninstalled it and it appears they messed it up a bit.
i have just tried to re install it and on the options screen where u normally get the option to install, theres just a load of question marks.
the disc is fine i just tried it in my pc.
i think theres some left over reg entries telling the system its still installed, but anyone know where there gonna be?

  Terrahawk 12:32 24 Dec 2003

start\ run \regedit\ hkey \local machine\software\maxis\sims

please make sure you BACK UP the registry before making changes

  gingepaul 12:34 24 Dec 2003

just had a look and theres nowt there, anyone have any ideas?

  gingepaul 12:36 24 Dec 2003

ah i found it , cheers terrahawk and merry crimbo to all :)

  underwriter 12:41 24 Dec 2003

download sim eraser from click here
that will ensure a smooth re-install.

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