Installing Second Hard Drive

  alcudia 16:22 10 Dec 2003

Just received a replacement 40Gb hard drive from Seagate after the original failed. In the meantime I have purchased and installed a new 120Gb drive. I now want to install the replaced drive to use for backup. Obviously I will have to set it to primary slave, but I am unsure as to the type of partition to allocate to it. I am assuming primary will be ok. It will not be partitioned.

Also what effect will adding this drive have on my existing drive letters. C; D(dvd-rom); E(cd-rw) and occasionally F(card reader). I do not want the dvd\cd drive to change or programs that require a dvd\cd to run will not work. If they get moved will I be able to re-assign the letters back to the originals using disc management. XP Pro by the way.

The drive (so says the note that came with it) has been low level formatted. Do I need to do anything out of the ordinary because of this, or can I just run the Seagate setup tool to create and format the partition. Grateful for any advice as never done this before.

  alcudia 16:25 10 Dec 2003

Don't know why this posting appeared twice.

  Gaz 25 16:30 10 Dec 2003

The drive letters will not change, and if they do....

You can change them back from within windows.

Re the drive you want to fit, shove it in and format it from windows XP drive manager!

  alcudia 08:21 11 Dec 2003

Found a better book last evening, which showed how easy this is. Thanks for your help, I'm ok now.

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