Installing a router to my home network help please

  soy 10:05 08 May 2003


I bought myself a 1 port ADSL router to add onto my home network. My network consists of a Netgear Hub and at the moment 2 PC. 1 running win98 and the main running xp.

I configured the network ok, each pc has the sub mask and has and IP in the range of and

The second PC wasn't able to use the broadband of the main PC, so I bought a router so that both can use BB at any time.

I connected the router to the hub via a cross-over cable to one of the spare ethernet ports (not up-link port).

The 1 page manual says that I have to configure the router via my web broswer, entering the URL: http:// to get to the login page.

However, I can't.

My usual dial-up broadband connection box keeps popping up. I deleted the dial-up but still get the usual 'Cannot find server/Page not displayed' webpage.

The router doesn't have any sort of technical support or anything.

PLease, can someone offer any advice.

John T

  fitshase 12:58 08 May 2003

Have you tried connecting the router to the hub via a straight through cable and not the crossover cable?

Also, I'm not certain on this but do you not have to connect the router to the uplink port on the hub as the modem is attached to the router?



  MartinT-B 16:28 08 May 2003

I can't help, but I know a man who can - Herr J Helmig :)

World Of Windows Networking is his site and is an invaluable resource click here

  Legolas 16:32 08 May 2003

I dont think you can use crossover cable you need to use straight through cable. You can only use crossover if you are networking two machines without a hub or router.

  soy 18:45 08 May 2003

Hi, Thanks for the responses!

I have tried the crossover in the uplink port and still not working.

Tomorrow I will buy a straight-through cable and see if that works.

A few questions: Once I get the straight-through cable, do I plug this into a normal port or uplink port on the hub?

My adsl modem doesn't connect to the router, the router connects directly into the modem port in the filter.

When i come to configure the router vie Internet explorer, will it automatically look for a connection on the network rather than bringing up my daip up box?

  Legolas 19:15 08 May 2003

When you use a hub and/or a router to set up your network all the cables must be straight through cable. I think you plug the cable from the BB modem into the wan port on the router and then a cable from the router into the uplink port of the hub.

  soy 19:18 08 May 2003

Will post back 2morrow for results.

  Legolas 19:20 08 May 2003

soy this site shows how to set up using a router and hub click here

  Legolas 19:21 08 May 2003

Scroll down the page to 'Setting up a network using a router and optional hub'

  jimv7 19:38 08 May 2003

You will find that the 'cross over cable' is already built into the hub, so a straight thru cable is all you need, as has been already suggested.

  soy 21:57 09 May 2003


I went out this morning and got myself the straight-through network cable and managed to finally get into the router-Configuration via the browser.

Thanks guys!

Although i've been able to get it, it has been hell working out how to configure the magnitude of settings and options. Been working on it for hours and still not been able to use the internet from it.

The instructions with this router is pityful and theres no website or customer support number I can contact.

I was wondering if anyone can offer some advice on how to set up the various configuration settings.

The router doesn't even have a makers mark, the model number is AR11.

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