installing router

  Woodman2 05:49 30 Sep 2011

I have been sent a new router, a D-Link DSL-2680 by Talk Talk to replace the out of date Sagem modem I was using on my Advent 7108 laptop with XP but it will not connect to my server. I have tried another new router of the same type but that does not work either. Any suggestions please? Thanks.

  onthelimit1 07:42 30 Sep 2011

Have you accessed the router when connected by ethernet cable to setup?

setup router

  Woodman2 09:48 30 Sep 2011

Yes. I set it up as described in their booklet for wired use.

  onthelimit1 11:26 30 Sep 2011

Then I think you must have the wrong username or password. If you call the helpline from the TT phone, you will get a recorded message giving you both. Username is normally your full phone number then

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:45 30 Sep 2011

Have you got a filter on the line connection to the router?

  onthelimit1 11:49 30 Sep 2011

FB - think he must have as the plugs from PC to filter and filter to phone socket are different?

  john bunyan 11:50 30 Sep 2011

I had a sililar problem with a Belkin. My ISP user name and password was different from the e Mail ie [email protected] and not [email protected]; My ISP (Pipex /Talk Talk) were helpful in talking me through it on the phone.

  spuds 12:19 30 Sep 2011

I have used the same route that john bunyan used. Contact TT support, they will talk you through it, in an easy to understand way. If they cannot connect, then they will take it from there.

  lotvic 13:34 30 Sep 2011

Have you followed the steps:

TalkTalk Setting up your D-Link DSL-2680 Router ClickHere

  onthelimit1 15:23 30 Sep 2011

Come on lotvic, do keep up - I posted that link at 7:42 this am! :-)

  lotvic 17:58 30 Sep 2011

heehee, so you did onthelimit1. I am getting near my 'sell by' date. Though I've a few years left (I hope) before my 'use by' ;)

Woodman2, have you sorted it out yet?

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