Installing a replacement Graphic Card

  [DELETED] 19:16 24 Mar 2006

I have just bought a GeForce 6600GT AGP Graphics Card to replace a FX-5500 Card in my Mesh PC.

The PC is an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Processor (939 PIN) with ASUS A8V DELUXE MOB.

There are no installation instructions included in the box. Would be grateful for a step by step guide as to the best method to install it i.e.

a)Do I fist remove/uninstall the existing card via Device Manager

b)Then uninstall the Driver via Add/Remove programs.

c)Turn off PC and install the Card.

d)Turn on and once XP has loaded a default driver, then install the CD Driver supplied with the card.

It's a few years since I last replaced a Graphics Card, and I am a bit rusty!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:18 24 Mar 2006

fist remove/uninstall the existing card via Device Manager this will uninstall driver

Turn off PC and install the Card.

Turn on and once XP has found new hrdware, then install the CD Driver supplied with the card.

  RobCharles1981 19:22 24 Mar 2006

You got it right there freaky. Uninstall your old drivers in add/remove programes or goto your divice manager, shut down your computer, and swtich off at mains, remove your computer case, and locate your old graphics card, un-screw it from its slot, and swap it, and install your drivers for it and your away!

  Strawballs 19:22 24 Mar 2006

Open the the side of the case (remember to unplug first and use antistatic wrist band) there will be a small clip at the end of the AGP slot pull it back, pull out the card and push the new one in it's place untill the clip moves back in. put the case back on plug your moniter back in to the new card and switch back on it will work with the same drivers but if you want run the disc that came with it.

  [DELETED] 19:45 24 Mar 2006

Thanks for the replies - I wanted to make sure before proceeding tomorrow.

One last query - normally after connecting the card to the AGP socket, you attach the metal plate of the card to the open slot at the rear of the case with two screws.

On this Mesh case NONE of the PCI/AGP cards are attached with screws - in fact they appear to be held with metal plates.

I have opened the case a few times and noticed this - and thought to myself how is it done - could not see anything you could remove.

There is probable a simple answer, anybody know ?

  [DELETED] 19:48 24 Mar 2006

Having not seen the type of fitment you mention though I have seen some strange setups with other Dell parts what I would try to do is replace the bracket on the 6600GT with the Dell one, if possible.

  [DELETED] 19:59 24 Mar 2006

It's not a Dell it's a Mesh, and the end plate of the card is an intrinsic part of the card.

  [DELETED] 11:51 25 Mar 2006

Have now installed the card and all is OK.

The Mesh case has a spring loaded clip that holds all PCI/AGP cards in place. You just release the clip, then all the cards are easily removed. Very tidy and saves fiddling with screws 10:10 for Mesh !!

  [DELETED] 14:56 25 Mar 2006

Many thanks to all of you who replied.

Totally-braindead - please make a note of my last thread for future reference !

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