Installing RAM troubles!! Please HELP!

  Dave78 10:41 18 Mar 2008

I just bought 2x 1GB RAM for my computer and am very excited to use it but I FINALLY recieved it today.I took out my old 512MB RAM and I installed the new RAM and nothing happened on my computer when I turned it on!! I mean nothing, the monitor didn't even respond. I thought I installed it wrong so I put the old RAM back in it's original slots and the computer booted fine. I have 2x 512MB's originally, but my motherboard has 4 slots. Anyway I left those in and put the 2x 1GB RAM in the 2 remaining slots and the computer started at first then nothing again. I removed the RAM and it worked. I thought it had something to do with my motherboard or dual channel, but then I was wondering if my motherboard or BIOS is set to only accept 512MB? But I did the checks on my Motherboard and it says it can handle 1GB per slot! Before I go ranting and raving at the guy who sold it to me I thought I'd see if I was doing something wrong on my end. Hope someone can help. I have a Gigabyte GA-8I915PM Motherboard with the Intel 915P BIOS installed. Maybe I need another BIOS or something? I went to the Packard Bell site and they do have another different BIOS called Sunshine that's suppose to be for my motherboard. So before I mess my computer up I thought I'd ask. Thanks!!!!

  MAJ 10:51 18 Mar 2008

It appears your motherboard will accept a 1GB memory module click here it will only accept unbuffered memory. Check the new modules you bought for any numbers and check them against the modules in that link.

  ventanas 10:52 18 Mar 2008

click here

Check out the spec for your machine, and compare it with what you have got. If it's right then it may be faulty.

  Simsy 12:25 18 Mar 2008

From eBay?

Is it "High Density"? If so this might help explain;

click here

I got caught out with this recently.
Apologies if this doesn't apply!



  keef66 12:32 18 Mar 2008

there's a lot more to ram than just the size.

To be certain I only buy memory from Crucial (Check out the link supplied by ventanas)

Avoid Ebay and high density ram as Simsy suggests

  Totally-braindead 12:36 18 Mar 2008

I'm with keef66 on this and a lot of people do get caught out. The RAM must be not just the same type of memory and the same speed but theres lots of other things you have to take into account, some motherboards are very fussy about the memory you can take and you seem to have proven its the RAM thats the problem. I would return it and buy whatever Crucial sells for your board as it will work.

  Dave78 16:53 18 Mar 2008

Thanks Simsy for the great link! I had no idea about the difference between high and low density! And the bad part is I researched EVERYTHING I could think of before I bought it! I was sure it was a good deal. But I went back and looked and it's High Density RAM and had I read what was on your link before I never would have went through the trouble of buying it. Total mood killer. Anyway what do you recommend I do?
I mean I wrote the "guy" from e-bay an e-mail but do you think I'm stuck with this now? I don't have a lot of money anyway and to be stuck with some useless RAM to boot! I feel like an ASS :-P Thanks for helping me realize my mistake.

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