Installing programs other than on C drive

  playmofire 12:08 18 May 2006

I have two laptops and keep all data on an external disk drive which has plenty of capacity. There are some programs I would like to install on the external drive but wonder if this is complicated. Can anyone help re installing them and as they will be installed when the external drive is connected to one the laptops say whether the programs can also be run when the other laptop is attached to the external drive?

  Gongoozler 12:14 18 May 2006

You can often install programs on other drives, but it doesn't help much because they still have to be registered on the C drive (if that's where Windows is), and so can't run on another computer. As far as I know the only programs thet are fully portable are stand-alone exe programs that don't actually have to be installed.

  Lokit 12:53 18 May 2006

Installing programs on an external hard drive for use with two laptops is not at all complicated - I have that very set up and use the external hard drive to run several programs common to both laptops.

You will need to run the program install with the external hard drive plugged in to one laptop but when the default option to install into the C: drive is offered refuse this and using the browse option navigate to a folder on your external hard drive and then install the program.

When the program is fully installed with serial numbers and options sorted out switch the external hard drive to the other laptop and in the install folder click the shortcut to start the program.

You will find that you will have to re-enter things like serial numbers and options etc. but when complete the program will run from whichever laptop you have plugged in.

By the way - it would be advisable to create a quicklaunch or desktop shortcut to the program on each laptop for convenience.

  playmofire 20:49 19 May 2006

Thanks for the info, Lokit. I shall try it out and see how I fare.

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